Kinetix “Off My Head”

“As an ode to becoming comfortable in one’s skin, the peace found in the chorus is akin to the moment one comes to terms with who they are, while the beat drops represent the new colorful perspective gained once you stop fearing the world and feel the strength to achieve all your dreams”.

Taylor B-W “I’m So broke”

“I’m So Broke was written during a depressive episode, when I was just thinking about where I stand in my own world and how I don’t want to settle for the second best in life. It was making me anxious that this is all life might crack up to be – always being broke financially and feeling mentally broken.“ Taylor B-W

Yui Stonewell “Not So Hard”

“First comes heartbreak, but this song sings to the empowerment after it’s all over and you’ve moved on. It lightheartedly spells out all the things that you wish you would’ve said to their face run through your mind when you think back to how you were treated. It’s definitely a “sing-into-your-hairbrush-in-your-bedroom” kinda song!” Yui Stonewell

Denquar “So This Is Love”

“I had gotten my heart completely torn a few days before writing this song. An ongoing intense and super heightened romance had come to a sudden end due to matters neither of us could resolve and I was left completely broken and empty. I find music to be the wavelength I trust in the most that I live out my daydreaming in it”. Denquar

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