Shyli Madhala “Pink For My Money”

“For me, it’s a revolution in every way. I’ve been hiding my dream and hiding my voice for so long, letting trauma and illness run my life story, this song is the end of that and a beginning of an era of beautiful music and powerful messages that need to be heard. Pink for My Money is about my pain and confusion around growing up as women at this point in time.” Shyli Madhala

Arin “Obvious”

Surrounded by mellow syths, energetic drums and intricate and intimate lyrics, this London based newcomer is making a name for himself and his heart-throbbing pop music. Alongside that, there’re his skills as a songwriter, making Arin set a standard for other up-and-coming rookies in less than a year since his debut. 

22 Oceans “Drifting”

The beginning line “Wish I could take back all those days that I​​” is not implying remorse over letting go, but rather expressing how they wished that period of time had never happened at all. Those moments of pain and bullying did help to impulse growth and maturity, but there is still some anger over the mere fact that those experiences ever happened in the first place. 

Aykiyah ft. Jhune LA “runaway”

“Runaway is my favorite song I’ve written,” she mentions. “It’s really tested who I am artistically and personally while I bleed on the page and show my vulnerable side. I wrote this song in 25 minutes and it makes me so proud to listen back. I know the dedication to this record shows through, and I’m excited to see how the public receives it.”

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