Carlo Errin “honeymoon”

Carlo Errin wishes well to the person he loves on her ‘honeymoon’, despite him not being the person she’ll be sharing the rest of her life with.

Hollywood Rejects Inc. member Carlo Errin is back after a second year full of success with his debut album ‘HOLLOW’, which gathered a total of 12k streams. This 2022, the artist is getting ready for his sophomore project as he gives the next step of his career and delves deeper into who Carlo Errin is and how he moves in the real world and the relationships he holds in it. 

The Los Angeles, California based artist has been drawn to music since the age of nine, and has not been able to drift away from the artform since. Fast forward to 2019, the young artist has formed the creative collective Hollywood Rejects Inc. all while he was preparing for his first single releases in 2020, mid pandemic but still determined to go through with his dreams. In the past two years, Errin has gathered a group of supporters, pretty people (as he calls them, which FYI is most certainly a true statement), who enjoy his message of spreading love, comfort, inspiration and joy through his music alongside his original, very actualized sound. 

honeymoon, released on the eighth of March, is the piece that will start off the “the butterfly boy” project. As his take on a sad song, and a challenge the artist gave himself, honeymoon will inevitably put people in their feelings. The track was recorded in Errin’s home studio and produced by LAUREMADEIT.

A laid back, sad boy type of beat and lyrics that aim to prickle your heart until it pours out all of it’s romance… that is what honeymoon is. Putting great emphasis on emotions and being vulnerable, Errin presents a new side of himself in the form of a song you can get completely lost in. 

Headlining a project focused on growth and acceptance, honeymoon is the perfect first look into what “the butterfly boy” will sound and feel like: facing someone you’ve got shared history with who’s fully moved on and even found love might bring forth any sort of negative reaction, yet Errin can only find happiness for the other person instead of prioritizing the bitterness and melancholy he’s feeling at the moment. That is exactly what growth means, and despite the possibility of it looking different for anybody, Carlo Errin manages to make his emotions and perspective something anyone and everyone can empathize with. 

Becoming a better person, learning how to deal with the missed opportunities and L’s of life, does not mean you’ll stop feeling regret, anger, or any emotion related to negativity — and that’s something Errin understands from having lived it. In honeymoon, he validates this point, recognizing that what really shows his growth in maturity is the way that in spite of occasionally feeling in such a way, there is still a genuine sense of happiness felt upon seeing who is well and doing better for themselves. Moving on is hard and Errin recognizes it, but it is once you’ve gotten to this point that you know things will be better for you, both inside and out. 

Errin’s inspirations come forth in the track, as fans of these other artists will be able to detect a hint of them and even those without prior knowledge will be in awe of the way the artist manages so many different elements without undermining any of them. The song is reminiscent of what many consider to be Ye’s greatest days, as this sort of emotional lyricism feels like a throwback to the good Graduation days, while the beat is somewhere between Frank Ocean and Dominic Fike’s domain. 

honeymoon is one of the most emotional points of the upcoming album, and it being the first release gives us a taste of something we can’t help but want more of. Knowing how things have gone does not ruin the excitement for the project or story, as the versatility of Carlo Errin makes it so there is always something to look forward to. 

Taking what he’s loved and has learned from, Carlo Errin has created his own amalgamation that, while bringing to many other sides of music we love, feels unique to him and like the start of a new sound wave that he’ll be leading. 

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