Shayanne “All You Are”

Shayanne‘s ode to a man known as Sylar  ‘All You Are’ will leave listeners breathless. 

Born in South London, singer and songwriter Shayanne is an artist who loves writing about her surroundings, and takes great inspiration in both real-life events and fiction. With an innate talent of placing herself in someone else’s shoes, her music shows great understanding of whatever topic she’s decided to explore. 

Written with the help of co-writer Beth, who also loves the inspiration behind the song, All You Are is more than a song, as it holds the sentiment of being about something they hold dear, was done with someone she shares a bond with and has been following Shayanne for over ten years since the song was written up to the date of its release. 

Fiction has always been used to explore that which we can’t or shouldn’t act upon in real life; from Orwell’s The Wars of the Worlds to Hwang Donghyuk’s 2021 hit drama, Squid Game, people have been able to witness all sorts of situations and people. There comes a point then where, after continuously consuming the life of fictional characters, we might become enthralled with their complexity and the way they think — in the same way, Shayanne is fascinated with Sylvar, the villain of Heroes, a popular 2006 show, to the point of delving deeper into his character. 

In All You Are, the artist writes from the perspective of the villain. With the rising popularity of bad guys in media in recent years, it is no longer a surprise to meet someone who’s favorite character is the protagonist’s enemy. However, what is endlessly enchanting about the way Shayanne brings Sylvar to life in the form of a song is how she humanizes him. 

While listening to the track, there is not a single ounce of malice felt, no hidden animosity in the melody or plans of revenge in the lyrics. Instead, it feels more like the resolute man you’d be rooting for in any story: someone full of power, determination, and emotions. Shayanne understands how morality is not black or white, and neither will a person ever be fully evil or virtuous. And so, All You Are is not a song about an irredeemable man; it is the story of someone who yearns for a place where they belong, and how the endless pursuit can lead to losing the original goal as they fall into darkness, the light being taken away from them while they’re too busy chasing their dream… And that is something millions of people can relate to. 

Whether you’ve heard of the superhero drama Heroes or have never felt much interest towards the genre, All You Are has something in it that will emotionally move you. As a song that speaks on the patterns and cycles of life, and hints to the freedom and liberation of the self you’ll feel after breaking free from the behavioral loop, Shayanne’s new song does more saving than any hero ever could. 

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