Vince Chinaski “She Comes In Colours”

Vince Chinaski‘s passionate and unpredictable love story is written down in the colorful and surrealist ‘She Comes In Colours’ as his next step to keep shocking the international press and audiences. 

Born in Rome and now based in Scandinavia, Vince Chinaski is an artist who’s gone through many stages throughout his career. From joining bands and touring all across Europe during his most lively years, then producing and DJ-ing under the name Tranzfaster, to beginning his project as Vince Chinaski after settling down, his abundance of experience comes through in his singing, like a wise soul that goes at its own pace, telling stories of any type in a sagacious, fun, and beautiful manner.

His sophomore release, She Comes In Colours, grabs the momentum for his debut single as it keeps delivering lyrics that hit straight to the heart and melodies that make your fingers dance along. 

A folk ballad that feels timeless: that’s the best way to describe She Comes In Colours and the experience listening to it brings. A rustic tune by a crooner’s poetic expressions that make you feel half at home and half in outer space, being bathed by all the colors and love mentioned within the track. 

The track is an ode to songwriting, laced with Chinaski’s highest praises and deep love. It is abstract in some of its descriptions in the same way music cannot be square. The song represents every stage of creating art and does not shy away from mentioning the low points for as much as the good sides are the highlights of the lyrics. 

Chinaski stated: “For me the journey of writing a song is a bit like a tempestuous romance. I start off totally infatuated and mesmerized; ideas flow smoothly and everything is rosy. Soon after the questions and the struggles come and it’s all ups and downs, flushes of ecstasy and commiseration until, eventually, I see clearly and can surrender and settle. It can certainly be a painful odyssey but I believe it’s a natural process I need to go through in order to learn and improve myself as an artist. That’s the main message carried by She Comes in Colours.”

“Ultimately it’s a song about writing a song and how it feels, but I like to think of She Comes in Colours as a universal story where everyone can find their own key to interpret it. “She” can be anything you want it to be: a loved one, a substance, inspiration, you name it. Anything that comes and goes and leaves you yearning for more.”

The storm before the rainbow, the urge to touch the flame giving a candle purpose, the pain and pride felt after a fight you’ve won, the brightness that reminds you of someone who accelerates your heart beat — she is that and more. Every color and every shade, every gradient and blend you can think of. Despite leaving, her essence lingers where she’s been, and when that’s gone, too, the sweet aftertaste of how she made you feel will still be there. 

She Comes In Colours is yet another thing she’ll be immortalized in, and it does a perfect job of making listeners see Cinaski’s perspective while allowing them to be moved by their own “she”. 

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