Jazzy “hands to yourself”

Jazzy aims to make you cry (and dance) in the club with her debut, the co-produce single, ‘hands to yourself’

Under the artistic name Jazzy, Malaysian producer and singer-songwriter Jasmine Kok has been capturing musical snapshots of her inner universe, expressing her thoughts and emotions through lo-fi and pop music. 

Her unwavering pursuit of exploring it all, widening her horizons and establishing herself deep into this world of music has gotten her to be a skilled topliner that worked among international producers, producing her own music, and even being the founder of her own all-female music collective, She Knows Tech, which aims to close the gender gap in the industry by highlighting female producers, audio engineers, and technologists. 

Jazzy’s hands to yourself was written and produced by the artist herself. The single is a collaboration with her close friends, namely producer and sound engineer beanboi and singer-songwriter Alex Yen, who contributed with suave vocals and adlibs. 

The track progresses from a melancholic and lonely tone during the first verse to a more lively scene as time passes by in the song, hitting its first high point at the chorus and effectively keeping the momentum to its very end. With the gradual addition of more elements to the instrumental and the rising energy in Jazzy’s voice, hands to yourself is an auditive representation of the artist’s healing process — while not ignoring the ups and downs that we might found ourselves in, the dance-pop song focuses more on the joy and relief that comes from acknowledging you’ve let go of the past and are ultimately, in a better place. 

hands to yourself sends a positive message of healing, highlighting the fact that ultimately moving on will always lead to a happier future. The lyrics allude to the brief moments of sadness or doubt that can come back or linger for a while, hence the long time it can take to fully overcome a person or experience, it also shows how empowering abs freeing taking over the reins can be. 

Jazzy speaks more about the romance behind hands to yourself and other songs she wrote at the time, stating the following.  

“I wrote this song because I was desperate for an outlet to unpack this emotionally overwhelming experience with someone that took almost two years for me to heal from. The initial inspiration behind this song were the questions that I  was left with. It was one of those episodes that ended abruptly without proper closure (well, for me at least). The raw and emotional intro reflects where I was when I first wrote this song. And as I heal, the song transitioned to this energetic chorus that takes back control of the narrative.” 

Despite the abrupt ending to the relationship, and like with most things related to someone we loved at one point, the good memories stick around, too. This is a big influence behind the fun and danceable beat. With the lyrics reasking questions that at one point were haunting, and the rhythm of the song showcasing the best moments spend together, hands to yourself also works as a major throwback to those days— like Jazzy, listeners will be able to travel back in time to a point of their life full of intensity. 

In her debut, Jazzy brings forth a spacey, enjoyable dance-pop song from the heart, making a name for herself as someone who understands the ins and outs of what she’s described as “sad girl in the club” music. 

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