Faith Low “Manic”

Faith Low directly targets personal struggles related to mental illness and addiction in her February single, ‘Manic’

With a focus on alternative trap and indie pop, Faith Low is a singer-songwriter and self-labelled music project that has been keeping it real ever since her solo debut in 2019. Having over ten years of experience working with bands and making music, Faith Low has been managing herself in this new stage with ease, now with the added bonus of singing while before she used to be an instrumentalist and kept her voice to herself. 

Faith Low’s influences range from popular metal band Slipknot to baroque pop icon Lana del Rey, and when mixed with the experimental style another big influence, Kanye West, is known for, alongside her own inclinations, style, and ambience, the artist manages to obtain a very distinctive sound within the trap and indie-pop realm. 

After a single but very successful release (‘Junkie Luv’) during 2021, the vocalist is back with another raw track. Now touching more into the relationship we have with ourselves, Manic makes us face the parts of us that we either can’t change or feel we’ll never change. 

Written after sleepless nights and several days gone by, Manic was conceived as Faith Low sat in front of her piano and let the hypo-manic episode she was in unravel in the form of a song. In it, she lets out the way her episodes make her feel, how her mental illness affects her life, and the consequences it’s led to alcoholism, self-medication, and a constant wavering certainty on the sense of self. 

The music and vocals resonate both physically and emotionally; similar to our internal monologues growing louder and louder, speaking over the noise surrounding us and threatening to leave our bodies with a strength that reaches our skin, making us stand on edge. 

And yet, there is a fragility to it all. Faith Low’s profound voice goes through slight changes, feeling softer at times, and it is exactly in those moments that we find the calmness the artist keeps chasing throughout the song. While in search of that peace and sense of knowing — of being grounded, Faith Low’s Manic tells a story of how easy it is to lose yourself in the midst of it all, and how hard it is to ask for help when your mouth is sewn shut. 

The track was, once again, brought to life with the help of Faith Low’s producer Harper James one half of the indie pop duo Eighty Ninety, who has a grasp of Faith’s signature sound. With a sensitive piano peeking through heavy synths and deep reverbs, the same way the artist’s wish for recovery can be found in the sea of struggles she’s trying to stay afloat in. In her realistic and personal presentation of how being Manic does not mean being happy, Faith Low continues to bring authentic and resonating emotions in her catchy music.

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