Faith Low – “Junkie Luv”

It has been repeated a million times that music can help us express our inner selves. I’m not afraid to say it once more. Writing music is cathartic. It is a way to alleviate the pain through struggling times. As listeners, we empathize with them and understand each other a little bit more. That is precisely what we experience when hearing Faith Low’s new single “Junkie Luv“.

Faith Low

Made in her room during lockdown alongside the virtual presence producer Harper James, based on chords and melodies that were stored in her mind for about a year, this new track by Faith Low conveys to us a very personal image of the struggles of a relationship inspired by the songwriter’s own experiences with love and drug use. How can a relationship continue when one part decides to quit while the other one doesn’t? How far can it go? How does this transform the perception we have of ourselves and our partners? Can we return to what we were before?

“Junkie Luv” explores these questions lyrically and instrumentally. Lyrically speaking, Faith Low makes an excellent job of painting the day-to-day of someone stuck in a relationship that slowly descends into disaster. Each of the people the singer speaks about is characterized in a way in which we can understand a little of her inner thoughts in a very personal, intense, and unfiltered fashion.

The track is constructed in a way that it can steer us in a certain mood of melancholy and sadness that, in spite of the dark subject matter, is extremely pleasant to listen to. The guitar weeps while we remember happier times, while the darker drum and bass remind us of the present. Faith Low’s vocals are the standout of the track. Her hypnotizing voice transmits a major part of the song’s emotional depth. It transforms itself throughout the song depending on the image she wants it to convey. Harper James’ work in the production does not go unnoticed, particularly in the depth he assigns to the vocals and the guitar.

All in all, Faith Low’s music is one that isn’t afraid of showing vulnerability or asking difficult questions about love, drugs, and life as a whole. She is certainly an artist that is worth keeping an eye on to see what she will bring to the table in the future!

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