HVIRESS “Golden Apple”

HVIRESS make everyone kneel and willingly offer their prized ‘Golden Apple’ in their newest single. 

HVIRESS (pronounced Heiress) is the magnetic and alluring occult duo and occult love child of Hana Piranha and Mishkin Fitzgerald (Birdeastbaby), born in the latter half of the 2010s out of the friends’ newfound interest in spirituality and the occult and their desire to have a new image rooted on their strong song-writing and authenticity. That is how, as they neared their thirties, the touring partners turned friends who’d known each other for more than three years began producing a new type of art under the name HVIRESS. 

Characterized by their arcane approach, as they linger at the entrance of the underworld ready to lift the veil for darkness to sweep in, HVRIESS is a dark electronic project. The current duo still contains roots from each member’s pasts, with distinct elements of their music inspired by their older rock style as well as Hana’s addition of aesthetics and culture of ancient Greek mythology.

The pair are currently working alongside composer and producer Garry Mitchell (Birdeatsbaby) to write their first self-titled EP, mixed by LA songwriter and producer Evan Rodaniche (Cage9). Said EP includes their debut single,  ‘Arrival’ , which ranked in Less Than 1,000 Followers’ Top 100 Songs 2021 at number six.

Their sophomore single, Golden Apple, is a scheming, sugary sweet song that will make listeners crave for more. 

In their second addition to their discography, HVIRESS continues the union of electronic pop with myth and magic. The track tells a story of defeating an enemy and burning down everything they love; whether literal or a metaphor for any conflict in life, the song holds a dark but empowering message. Making you feel like you’ve got immense power rushing through your veins, Golden Apple contains the confidence of an undefeated being ready to keep taking down any obstacles in its way without any trouble. 

Oozing Machiavellian intentions, Golden Apple lures its victim with sugar-coated lyrics and innocent appearance while it prepares them for unexpected a heavy dose of mischievous dark magic. Their siren song, and their beautiful vocals, can distract from the psychedelic and eerie sounds complementing the instrumental, but for those who’ve managed to see past the charm of their voices, the delicacy they sing with only adds a level of alarm.  

In the music video, dark intentions hide behind different shades of pink, a variety of sweets, and beautiful appearances. Featuring Princess Snax, the three ladies are seen entertaining themselves in a semi-empty room, seemingly holding a childlike innocence. However, as the video progresses, so does the darkness slowly taking over the set and the atmosphere. With slow but gradual additions of black around them, to a shocking twist that shows where the occult side of the band is at, HVIRESS show why they’re unlike anyone else in their scene. 

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