Hana Piranha – “Fucked Up Feeling”

Hana Piranha makes us lose control with her brand new single “Fucked Up Feeling“, an astonishing alt-rock tune with electronica textures that smashes with the rage of a thousand fists.

A relentless anthem of self-destruction. This brand-new track from Hana Piranha is a blasting musical experience that divides listeners with its powerful mantra. Dust and echoes deliver a powerful entrance for the high-gain guitars and hard-hitting drums, while a synth bass warps and wobbles in the background like a machine out of control.

Hana’s vocals are sublime, dirty, and chaotic. Pure nerves of steel and a mouthful of rage flood the verses as the industrial-like beat keeps hitting bar after bar with the kinetic consistency of its ravaging steps. A choir of wailing guitars and synths lurk in the background as an omen of doom just before the chorus hits.

Just before you think the song can’t get better, an explosive bridge brings us to our feet as Hana sings with the roar of a wild beast. Yet another bridge presents itself just after, with an orchestra that catches us off guard and takes us towards the inevitable, somber end.

Fucked Up Feeling was one of those songs I wrote in about a day – the lyrics were stream of consciousness that attached themselves to a melody and rhythm and I barely changed anything about it.” – Hana Piranha

With the help of Hana’s good friends Jason Achilles (Producer), Dweezil Zappa drummer Ryan Brown, and Jim Beck (Hana Piranha’s guitarist) “Fucked Up Feeling” came to be a destructive and awe-provoking, emotion-filled tune. A serenade to our darkest impulses. Mixed by Evan Rodaniche (Cage9).

Hana was also part of our Top 100 Songs 2021 with HVIRESS‘ single, Arrival.

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