RONIA “ghost”

RONIA struggles to overcome the ‘ghost’ known as the past, focusing her debut on her fight against the specter known as the past. 

A young woman with the desire to express her darkest thoughts and emotions on her journey to find who she truly is, RONIA is a newly debuted artist with a love for grand and dark productions and vehement yet vulnerable lyricism. 

Describing herself as the love child between Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish is quite fitting, as the twenty-one-year-old singer-songwriter explores similar topics, and undoubtedly shares quite personal thoughts and experiences within her music. The cinematic feel of her craft is undeniable, and her imposing entrance with her debut shows an admirable blend of fragility and strength, with the universe of ambient harmonies she’s created and the candidness of her words meeting right in the middle. 

As her debut single, ghost is RONIA’s way of showing what she’s all about from the get go. With a big production, dark lyrics, and some theatrics as well as a heavy dose of the beloved and infamous nostalgia that makes everything better, this raw track opens up a multitude of doors for the rookie. 

ghost is the first release of an upcoming album set to come out October of this year. 

Bare and translucent in the same way a ghost is assumed to be, RONIA exposes all the dark and battling emotions that have been eating her up. Every part of her is visible and vulnerable, from the admission to being excessive in her every action to her inability of forgiving herself for things she was never at fault for; ghost portrays the struggle of someone who understands what is holding them back, yet is still struggling to move past this barrier. 

Written during a point in her life where she was suffering from a lot of anxiety, RONIA created “ghost” as a way to express all the emotions that she’d been bottling up. In it, the anxiety and past she’s trying to run from take the form of a ghost — something deceased; a presence that should have left but still clings to this realm. The song explores how, as much as RONIA feels trapped by the things chasing her, there is some sort of mutual understanding, as she is also holding onto those exact shackles in the form of her sadness and guilt. 

ghost is the place where RONIA placed her bitter heart and soul as a hopeful first step to finally leaving this weight behind. Sometimes, when you’ve spent so long with something being part of your life, living without it can feel impossible. RONIA shows how well she understands this feeling in her debut single, and although the song does not progress to the point of her vanquishing the shadows that follow her, it does open the way for her to slowly let go of the dark and heavy presence that lives with her. 

In her entry into the world of music, RONIA delivers an emotional piece that touches upon the past and the inherent attachment humans have to it, to the point of merging with the ghosts we see everywhere. Although she is still figuring out herself as both a person and artist, the artist is willing to bring forth the darkest depth of her soul, inviting listeners to join her on this path of discovery and growth.  

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