Sunday Hunter “Illogical Sphere”

Sunday Hunter slips through the cracks of the maze to show audiences what the ‘Illogical Sphere’ she lives in looks, feels, and sounds like. 

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Sunday is a singer-songwriter-musician and performer. Having craft her own unique blend of modern alternative pop — characterized by guitar riffs, punchy beats, disparate vocals, and synths that’ll make anyone get lost in their complex and beautiful texture, the years of experience the artist gained from fronting in pop and rock collectives, and electronic/experimental duos helped honed her own style for the present day, where Sunday has been working in her solo career. 

After a disruptive debut and two solo releases in 2021, including her first solo song ever,  ‘Reckless Deadly’, Sunday steps back from the more impactful and punchy beats to deliver a more chill song that fits better with the theme of this song; as Sunday Hunter loses herself within the illogical sphere known as planet Earth, the rippling notes of the track will make listeners lose themselves in the deep ocean of Sunday’s thoughts and melody. 

Sunday Hunter’s plans for 2022 include a forthcoming EP and getting back into live performances in the form of gigging and touring. 

In her third solo-release single, the artist shows a more alternative indie sound she aces as much as she does alternative pop. Alongside a vulnerable and psychedelic description of the reality she witnesses and lives through every day, Illogical Sphere differentiates itself from her other songs by going a step beyond the everyday world; stepping into the soundscape deep within Hunter’s mind, the track blends surrealism with the mundane in an astoundingly comprehensible and relatable manner. 

After the superstar suit is taken off, what’s left is a human being attempting to understand the thoughts of behavior of themselves and everyone around them. Stripping the mind to an intimate degree and swimming in the musings of an ordinary person, floating peacefully with closed eyes while absorbing the surrounding words — that’s what listening to Illogical Sphere feels like. Showing how easy it is to get stuck inside and how quickly your grasp on reality leaves once you enter the sphere, the track gives us both sides of the coin: the drowsy drifter who loves to absorb everything close while going with the flow, and the despairing castaway who yearns for cleanliness and organization. 

The desire to wake up present in the lyrics can easily be washed away by Sunday’s signature guitar riffs and sweeping and lulling synths. In an unexpected turn of events, the song itself becomes a sphere; while discussing how trapped one can feel in this world, Illogical Sphere ironically created a small bubble that allows people to take a break from the suffocating everyday routine. 

If you enjoyed Sunday Hunter’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook and Instagram accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify and Soundcloud profiles.

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