Sunday Hunter “Reckless Deadly”

Making decisions or even communicating seems to get trickier and more nuanced. If anyone could tell how to decide something without immediately regretting it, it would be appreciated. “Reckless Deadly” is a pretty good way to describe life as it is, and it’s also a single, describing life as it is through the lens of a person trying to work out their choice in the sea of decisions.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Sunday Hunter is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter with a long history of fronting various pop and rock bands and electronic groups. Now the artist has gone solo and hearing her sound, it’s clear the rich genre-crossing history of musicianship has brought that variety into her sound too. Sunday Hunter gains inspiration from legendary artists DEVO and Frank Zappa, and she creates a well-balanced sound loaded with energy, gritty guitars, bouncing synths, and pretty darn awesome vocals.

“Reckless Deadly” is Sunday Hunter’s first solo song, written and produced entirely by her. The song has a distinct load of danger and electricity flowing throughout, particularly in the speedy percussion and distorted guitar. The first half of “Reckless Deadly” builds up this sort of crazed atmosphere seen through the lens of a somewhat sane person navigating the space. The second half of the song introduces sweetly flooding synth chords, twirling upwards into a more intoxicating haze with blips of synths and guitar riffs.

Fast-paced, captivating to the point of being rather intoxicating and funky, this song depicts the reckless nature of life, media’s influence on everything, and the blurred state of what’s right or wrong. When everything gets spinned up to be so confusing, one does feel like “why?” when taking a step off the whirlwind and looking at the mess. Somewhere in that crazy way of life is the right decision and the right path, but where?

Must-hear greatness of a song for anyone loving synthpop, funky synths, distorted guitars, and strong vocals with that “don’t mess with me” attitude.

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