Finn McGowan “Porcelain”

Finn McGowan breaks down the hypocrisy of people and the ‘Porcelain’ masks they hide behind in his new electronic pop single. 

Self-proclaimed sad boy Finn McGowan is a solo artist, singer-songwriter, and producer, who with his lyrics and other skills (which include piano and guitar), has been writing music infused with self-depreciation and serial empathy since he was a teenager. At age sixteen, McGowan was already writing his own pieces and performing wherever he could. 

Nowadays, his music leans towards the electronic pop sound and sad or angsty lyrics. Bringing the high energy through his beats and the relatability with the events or situations he sings about, his discography is a safe haven that allows listeners to dwell in negative emotions in a healthy way, with the present reminder that just like there’s always bad days, good days will arrive, too.

Porcelain, McGowan’s first single of 2022, was recorded in the comfort of his bedroom. The artist worked on both songwriting and production, self-handedly taking care of the entire process, which adds onto the pride the song carries, along with his emotions regarding a story multiple people can also connect with.  

With a title inspired by the fragility of fine china, Porcelain focuses on fake people, the masks they never take off, and how living around them gives way to a distrust that only grows over time. Finn McGowan talked about it, stating: 

Porcelain is based on my school years, and being around a lot of people who were very two faced. I never knew if someone was my friend or not, which is something I became very paranoid about. It’s also about the realisation that you will never stop meeting people who will stab you in the back, it’s just a part of growing up, but you have to remove them from your life as quickly as possible because you’re better off without them 99% of the time.”

Though Porcelain is inspired by a set place and time in McGowan’s life, as highlighted by the quote, the general sentiment shared in the track is one that can be felt at any point in life. Just like the song spent several years in the making, there is no time limit to when the experience of feeling surrounded by two-faced people might occur.  Not only does this make the song itself more relatable to any age or specific group of people, but it works as a way to let listeners know: this is a universal experience, and you’re not alone in this. 

The chance that others might think we have a porcelain mask on is always there, but as always, actions speak louder than words. Like the fast-paced and precise guitar that carries McGowan’s strong feelings about the topic at hand, what we do will always say more about our true intentions. McGowan, however, goes the extra mile and uses 200% of his energy — his lyrics carry the same sincerity felt through the instrumental, and his vocals carry the exhaustion dealt by hypocrisy. Both literally and figuratively, Finn McGowan is a real one.

With a melody reminiscent of Charlie Puth’s Attention and similar energy to that of the indie rock band The Wombats, Porcelain and Finn McGowan are suitable listens for anyone who enjoys lyrics that don’t shy away from being pessimistic or relating painful memories, yet are still able to make you feel joy, comfort, or the urge to groove along. 

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