Joshi Young “Raise A Spark”

With dwindling hopes, Joshi Young looks for the lighter that can ‘Raise A Spark’ within him and bring love back into his life.

Twenty-three-year-old German artist Joshi Young is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter who’s begun dedicating himself to music for less than a year. Despite being praised for his singing and writing abilities throughout his life, and even writing a small amount of German songs at some point, he did not feel a special passion for it until he came across the 2021 documentary for a Swedish rap star: “Yung Lean: In My Head”. At that moment, a desire to make music in English overcame Joshi.

With a focus on authenticity, uniqueness, passion, and building true connections through his music, Joshi Young has been working on breaking the language barrier put between him and his art. His music, which he is still exploring as he adapts to whatever genre feels best in that moment, has been leaning towards hip hop or pop, with lo fi beats and synths that keep things interesting by switching it up when you least expect it. 

His newest single, Raise A Spark, shows a different side of him. Being the first indie song (though it still contains some electronic elements and his signature synths that have risen along with Soundcloud rapping) in his discography, Joshi goes at a slower pace as he slowly opens up to his inner pain and the absence of love that is slowly eating him up. 

Though Joshi acknowledges that love is not the solution to all of his problems, he is not afraid to point out that a lack of love itself can also give life to a myriad of concerns and negative emotions within someone. Raise A Spark is the way with which he hopes to open up a conversation about bad experiences searching for love, and how not having a romance in today’s society results in general isolation and subconscious ostracization coming from others. 

Having lived for twenty years and only experiencing one true relationship, which had a short life span, during that time is one of the main reasons that inspired the artist to write a song. Being “unable to find love”, as he’s put it, after said situation kept pushing him into a position where love began to feel attainable and, even worse, like a curse. In order to avoid disappointment, a negative mindset towards love was adopted… Yet, hopes to find that one person who will change his mind and heart have managed to persevere within Joshi Young. 

Raise A Spark is made by the thoughts consuming Joshi day and night: how love is meant to feel, why it hasn’t arrived at his door yet, the doubts about whether finding someone is possible at all. Insecurities people can relate to, as we’ve grown being taught one day we’ll find someone we’ll settle down and live happily with, love stories being shown to us every single day, and the pressure to have a romance everyone will feel envious of becoming something people will struggle to disconnect themselves from. 

The conglomeration of real-life situations, lived by him and others, and emotions lead to the creation of the track. 

[Raise A Spark] was made in the basement studio in one long session. I sat on the song throughout the whole night, until the sun came back up again. I was just focused on finishing the song, as I saw its gigantic artistic and emotional potential. And I was really in the zone, in the vibe.”

Being half written and half improvised/freestyled, the track truly shows a raw side of the artist. Though this is perhaps the most vulnerable listeners have heard Joshi Young be, this honesty and exposure to his heart is a staple in his music and can be felt in all of his discography. His music, which he describes as “empowering or emotionally deep”, allows for other people to recognize they’re being heard and understood, which creates the emotional bond Joshi sets to achieve. 

With no limits set for his self-expression and big plans in mind for the future, the latter which includes the release of two albums when circumstances allow for it, Joshi Young will keep pushing forward towards his dream of making his talent be heard and he uses it to its full potential. 

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