Tam Alawa

Tam Alawa explores heavier themes, while still coming out triumphant and giving a message of positivity in her second single,  ‘What I’m Made Of’.

Born in London, raised in Singapore, and now based in London again, young singer and songwriter Tam Alawa is an artist with a powerful and strong, yet still soft, voice. With usually piano or synth-laden melodies and soaring string arrangements, which help create the illusion of floating around, Tam manages a pleasing contrast between the delicacy of the instrumentals and the unwavering strength of her voice. 

Her music can be described as easy to follow and hard to forget, but the artist makes a constant attempt to not be put into any boxes. Singing about her personal memories or times in her life, and touching on themes such as love, loss, independence and introspection of herself, she’s begun to characterize herself by being an ocean of emotions that does not hide itself despite its incredible depth.

With her debut on the second of February, through the explosive and steadfast Bring Me Back,  Tam began causing sensation and making ears turn in her direction. A little over a month later, the rising pop star is back with her sophomore single, What I’m Made Of, which continues with the theme of powerful vocals and unwavering emotions. 

At the time of What I’m Made Of, the artist has gone through the process of remembering who she is, the main theme discussed in her debut single; now, she’s on the path of self-reassurance and strengthening her confidence, as she proudly states her identity and keeps moving forward. 

Tam uses her emotions and personal events as inspiration for her music, and this time it’s no different. This self-love anthem is clearly rooted in the way she feels, as the lyrics hold a sincerity that can only be understood by someone who stands at the same level as her, able to comprehend the pride felt over being yourself in the most unapologetic way possible. 

Regarding the melody, Tam’s music feels nostalgically close to older pop hits from the early 2010’s. Bearing a resemblance to another English singer-songwriter, Ellie Goulding, especially with the track’s rising crescendo and the hypnotizing, serene synths — another trait she shares with American pop star Halsey. Feeling like a more modern version, or even an ode, to the slower synth pop of those years, Tam Alawa brings forth elements that will be enjoyed by fans of both the past and the present pop scene. 

What I’m Made Of is a well-written, in-depth song about resilience and what it means to rise from the darkness and feel pride over your identity. Working both on its own and as a follow up track to Bring Me Back, this second release showcases Tam Alawa’s ability to infuse her emotions into a track and deliver a narrative that, while not completely explicit within the lyrics, is easy to follow and will most certainly hit deep in our hearts. 

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