Wild Fire “Like Home”

Wild Fire work alongside another talented duo to, together, tell what to them it feels like to unite with someone who is ‘Like Home’.

Starring in Less Than 1,000 Followers for the second time, not long after we met through their song What If We Never Met, the loveable duo made up by sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig are back and going stronger than ever during their seventh year as artists. Resembling their young age, as both of them are still teens, their music holds a spark unique to youth and though it’s already shining brightly, their radiance has only been increasing with every new release. 

Like Home is an all female collaboration between two powerful duos, those being the Iutzwig sisters and country duo Honey County. With four talented musicians who have always excelled at country and contain pop influences, the collaborators push the boundaries of the country pop genre, tethering on the edge of country as they allow their love for pop to overflow and dominate the track and demonstrating the domain the two duos have over their styles in order to stay true to themselves regardless of the music genre. 

The track was written and recorded in Nashville alongside Honey County, and it was produced by Austin Moorehead (Carly Pearce).

The story told in the track is that of a love restrained by the distance between the people involved. Inspired by Kayla’s past long-distance relationship with a boy from a small Texas town, Like Home tells the struggles and untold truths long distance couples have to face, highlighting the hard decision and trial that is determining if the feelings are strong enough to make the hundred or thousands of miles feel like little to no problem.

Bringing a realistic perspective to the downsides of a relationship of the sort is not all the song does though, as it actually mainly focuses on the temporary partings and the joy of knowing you’ll be able to meet again soon. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, as many would say, and the feeling of reuniting and coming back home after a long time makes those meetings even more special. There are things that can only be felt with such intensity when experienced sparingly, and while the love between couples in the same location can be just as strong, it is endearing to see Like Home giving a positive image to long-distance love. 

As a song about fluttering and profound feelings, Like Home contains a lighthearted melody and sweetening vocals that capture the feeling of being in love. With both duos singing passionately and an instrumental that demonstrates the ups and downs of being in love, Wild Fire and Honey County have added yet another homey, uplifting song to their discographies.

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