Wild Fire “What If We Never Met”

Wild Fire gleefully sang about their regrets and learnt lessons in their post-breakup, happy-go-lucky single that poses the question: ‘What If We Never Met’?

Sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig make up the vivid duo known as Wild Fire, an up-and-coming act that reflects innate talent from two well-seasoned artists. Resembling their young age, the sisters hold a spark unique to young teens and adults, and though it’s already shining brightly, their radiance has only been increasing with every new release. 

From their self-titled debut EP, which put them on the map as developing stars, to their last release of  2021, “What If We Never Met”, the pair has established an authentic image and sound that’s continued to drawn in people, whether it be because of their lyrical prowess or the melodies that seem to sneak their way into listeners’ hearts. 

The aforementioned single, released on the twenty-ninth of last year’s October, has received great praise and four months later, has landed a spot in four major Spotify editorial playlists (Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Country, Nashville, and Wild Country), with the doors still open for more possibilities. 

What If We Never Met was written in Nashville with female co-writer Annika Bennet and produced by Austin nMoorehead (Carly Peace).

With a name that does not hide its wish to undo the past, it comes as no surprise that the track is essentially a wish fulfillment scenario where you completely skip over a specific meeting and relationship in your life. 

Being as a contradiction to the melancholic phrase “If I could, I would do it all over again” we’re so used to hearing at the end of a relationship (despite it not being true in most cases), What If We Never Met is a blunt and non-aggressive way to say that it’s okay, to be honest, and not feel gratitude for the memories you made with someone you ended up drifting apart from.

As it retells vague details of what made the connection go awry, the presence of the ever infamous “what if?” grows throughout the track.  While not necessarily tinted with regret or ire, as most bonds tend to have a moment or so that will forever stay dear in our heart, the curiosity of how us and our lives could be different had we chosen another path back then is something people will never be able to run away from. 

As Wild Fire sings a harsh but well-deserved goodbye, which contains an implicit “see you never again”, they propagate the concept that not having a good ending is okay. Although a relationship takes two people, and things can be either both or nobody’s fault, at the end of the day our feelings can always be validated after being hurt, and anger is a reasonable and justifiable way to feel at the beginning of our healing processes. 

What If We Never Met, though, is not an entirely negative song. In fact, it contains rays of hope belonging to a better future with someone else, or to being your own partner and focus for as long as you wish to spend time loving yourself the most. The Iutzwig sisters add onto this idea, stating: “The truth is, we are fooling ourselves. We should never waste precious time on someone who we have to constantly cater to. It’s ok to let go of relationships that do not add value to our lives. Just know that greater things are in store.” 

Giving us the melodically lighthearted yet lyrically angsty country pop hit that can stand next to great ones by artists such as Taylor Swift’s older discography and Kacey Musgrave’s style, Wild Fire is slowly taking up more space on the stage, and they’re not leaving the spotlight anytime soon. 

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