Shyli Madhala “Rainbows & Sunshine”

Shyli Madhala makes the clouds go away with her new cheery single, which is all aboutRainbows and Sunshine.

Coming back for the first time since October of 2021, visionary and singer-songwriter Shyli Madhala is an artist with a story about never giving up on your dreams. Not one to give up on her dreams, Shyli and her music carry a message of courage, determination and moving forward despite all obstacles.

Now she is back and more than ready to continue with her dream. With plans to release Rainbows and Sunshine, as well as three more singles during 2022, Shyli Mandala is setting up for a busy year overflowing with success. 

In her debut single and first appearance in the music world, Shyli made everyone drop whatever they were doing to listen to her deep and soulful voice, which sang over a dark jazzy track that transported people onto the lonely streets at night in a city full of despair. Making her way into the light and ending the era in which she hid alongside her trauma, Pink for My Money ended on a positive note that works as a beautiful stepping stone for the next stage in her music career. 

Rainbows and Sunshine is no different from its name — a happy-go lucky song with a folk retro feel that entices people to dance. Yet, as we sink deeper into the pretty realm of the song and focus on the lyrics, a new door that speaks about the struggle and desire to find a connection beyond that of technology and coding will be opened up. 

The singer herself added more onto the message of the song, stating the following.

“My upcoming single ‘Rainbows & Sunshine’ is about our life online. How unreal and confusing it can be, how lonely it can make us. It’s a reminder to myself and whoever wants to remember with me, that our hearts want to be loved for the messed up human beings that we are, that we need a real connection between us to be healthy, not just a WIFI connection.

As Shyli acknowledges the good side of blocking out all the negative things while playing our online personas, she works hard to remind listeners that said joy and pleasure can only last so long, and submerging ourselves too deep might bring a negative effect on our mental health and perspective on life. Life off and online can be both a paradise or hell, but there is no good in running to one extreme and refusing to face real life, as by refusing to see the bad side, we might miss out on some of the best events in our lives. 

In this beautiful fresh folk single, set to come out soon, Shyli Mandala assures herself and whoever is open to listening that we deserve to be loved despite our flaws, and that enduring the rain is worth the rainbow we’ll see after it’s over.

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