Sano Hill – CircleWalk

Sano Hill delivers all the Blues and Funk in his third single release, “CircleWalk“. A brilliant and exciting track that’s all about communication: saying what and how you feel to your partner in order to avoid a relationship crash. Believe me guys, you don’t wanna miss this one. OUT NOW!!!

Alright my friends, it’s Friday already so let’s begin with me sending you good vibes. I hope y’all had a nice week so far and are ready for this New Music Friday! Today we will talk about and artist that some of you probably already know.

Sano Hill is a singer-songwriter from Galway, Ireland who has an immaculate gift when it comes to writing songs. After releasing his previous singles, The Climb, and Starting Over, the Irishman returns with a third track that precedes his forthcoming album: “If Not Now, When?”.

CircleWalk is a very funky track that carries a lot of groove. It is actually super fun, despite the harsh meaning behind the lyrics. Although Hill is really singing about how relationships tend to face the challenge of communication breakdown, the song’s energy is as uplifting as it is rewarding, creating a perfect balance between oppositions.

A nice bluesy bass, simple strummed acoustic guitars, and a solid drum groove make the elements for the intro, while Sano’s voice sings open-heartedly. Suddenly a wide plethora of wind instruments create a bed of harmonies that raise the track’s potential up to 11. Funky guitars are later added, and Sano continues to raise his voice letting out all his frustration, begging for his partner to speak. “You can shout if you want to”, Sano sings.

The ending is phenomenal, with a refrain that sticks in our heads and make us dance and sing along. The energy by this point is just out of the charts, carving the way towards a great finale. The message is simple, don’t walk in circles about what you want to say, just say whatever you feel.

Don’t forget to hit that PLAY BUTTON!

“This song is about expression, about breaking the silence.”

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