Sano Hill – “The Climb”

The sensibility present in Sano Hill’s voice and lyrics is something that really manages to speak to us in a way that feels comforting and welcoming. In “The Climb” Sano tries to rid us of the pains, doubts, and uncertainty that seem to haunt us nowadays.

Taking us on a trip to overcome, and climb that difficult hill of the pandemic and global warming, this single is a nice acoustic, folk-influenced track filled with smooth transitions, a wide variety of instruments, and the distinguished, humane vocals of the artist.

All the way from Galway, Ireland, Sano Hill is preparing the release of his debut album which will see the light of day this 2022. “The Climb” presents his first single release and shows us but a glimpse of his work and talent.

Inspired by life, love and loss, and all-around life experiences, Sano Hill writes with a humbling spirit and a true dedication to the creation and love of art. Also, this single was partly informed by the work of visionary poet and painter William Blake (whose extraordinary artwork is featured throughout the music video).

In “The Climb” you can expect acoustic guitars blended with an upbeat drum groove while echoing synths and a bed of shimmering reverbs provide a dreamy-like atmosphere in the choruses. “Don’t worry, don’t rush” Sano sings, as he urges us to sit down, take a deep breath, and keep walking up that hill.

Sano’s next single will be released next April, but he has already gained critical acclaim thanks to his past releases on compilation albums including ‘Origin: See the Light’, ‘New Horizons’, and ‘Inundations’ (which also featured music from leading international acts, including Josh Ritter, Ron Sexsmith, Lloyd Cole, Damien Rice, Mundy, and The Frames).

Sano’s unprocessed feels as humane as his lyrics and the vulnerability behind it sheds a light into the singer’s spirit.

“The Climb” is a song inspired by this uncertainty and related anxieties but celebrating the possibility that we can overcome, that we can climb that hill (whatever it may be) and come together to celebrate our shared humanity.” – Sano Hill

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