Sano Hill – “Starting Over”

This wonderful new track by the Irish artist warms us with vibrant melodies and the instrumental blessings of a full band. “Starting Over” charts the course of a relationship from its sweet beginnings, to emotional crisis, to breaking up, and to eventually re-uniting. A beautiful song that sheds hope and love over anybody that listens to it.

Hello friends! It’s been a while. It feels good to be back after a short-term hiatus. And to celebrate, today we have Sano Hill’s newest accomplishment: a second-single release that follows his debut single The Climb, which by the way was very well received. And why not? We love Sano’s voice and music!

This time, the Ireland-based artist takes us on a sweet emotional ride with lyrics that tell a tale of love across its different phases in a romantic relationship. The vibe is warm, subtle, magical. A humble yet charismatic effort to convey the deeds of overcoming, reconciliation and renewal.

As we’ve learned, Sano’s vocals are very humane and sang from the gut. His lyrics are rich, deep and personal, but can be related to pretty much anybody. This time he didn’t just picked up his guitar and sang, but he also reunited a full band to achieve his musical ambition!

Bass, drums, guitars, and even a wind section sweeten the track with tremendous harmony, swinging and swaying effortlessly. “Starting Over” is the second single off of his forthcoming debut album and it continues to show Sano Hill’s commitment and song-writing abilities…

There’s no shortage of talent here, as the song was recorded at Dublin’s legendary Windmill Lane Studios with award-winning producer Larry Hogan. The track is just great and captivating, so please do give it a listen!

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