ABSOLUT (or A Brief Story Of Live’s Unspoken Truths) will blow your mind with its Rock Musical approach and crashing genres. A song that is both original and top-notch creative, breaking genre barriers and delivering an outstanding listening experience!

The boys from Quantum are back! And after obtaining a place in our Top 100 Songs 2021 with their single Rise, this Swiss group is not far from again being in our 2022 playlist. Wether you like Pop, Hip-Hop, or Metal we can all agree that this track is phenomenal.

A unique blend of afore mentioned genres, adding also an Opera approach, “ABSOLUT” is a hymn to personal development and positive melancholy. Being their fourth single release within a year (including their alt-metal tune Live!) there’s no sign that these guys are stopping any time soon.

I’d love to explain the song’s content with a lot of detail, but I don’t wanna spoil the experience for you guys. You can expect massive drums and bass, high-gain guitars, amazing vocals, rap verses, big choirs, a massive orchestra, and a unique metal breakdown that honestly caught me by surprise.

The way the rap verses collide with the sung vocals is pretty cool, reminiscent of bands like Linking Park.

Absolut is a very personal song. It’s a song about personal development. The songs dynamic represent the different phases of life everybody has to go through. The working title was “Bubbles” because of the songs structure. The first bubble rises high until it burst. A big nothing. Emptiness. The second bubble is appearing, and just like that it burst again. Is it good or bad if a bubble burst? That’s a question everybody has to answer for themselves.” – QUANTUM

Using the quarantine to better define their identity, the band now makes songs about the joy of living and faith in a world in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to find one’s own place.

The production in Quantum is stellar, and the blend of the genres is something out of the charts. Their unique creativity makes of Quantum one of the most interesting new bands out there today and we encourage you to give their new track a listen.

Also, the music video rocks!

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