Shockpowder darkness & beauty in “Flutter”

This single delivers a mix of the Metal and Shoegaze genres. “Flutter” by Shockpowder opens up our minds and invites us into a world where darkness and beauty co-exist in harmony. A really nice song inspired by an actual dream.



Hello everybody, welcome back! It’s me, your boy, MadZen, and today we have a very interesting upcoming release that blends the best of two worlds. Brought to us by this Aylesbury-based band, this song does its best to capture a dream through ethereal ambiences and mellow rhythms. Let’s get to it!

Shockpowder is a Post Metal / Metalgaze band leaded by Joshua Scurfield. They draw inspiration from Post Rock bands such as Alcest and Deafheaven but with more subtle references to explicit black metal and more references to 90’s shoegaze such as Slowdive.

“Flutter” is their upcoming single, and it was inspired by a dream Joshua had of a dark but peaceful place where butterflies were silently roaming. This led to a composition where metal riffs and shoegaze atmospheres come together to craft an unheard sound. Almost like a story, the single takes us by the hand from start to end, with different sections acting like different parts of the dream.

Flutter is my latest attempt to capture a dream. Even just an ambience of a dream speaks so powerfully. I feel really inspired when I read about artists who captured their dreams in paintings (such as beksinski) and want Shockpowder to be the sonic version of that. This particular dream was an enormous, empty and silent valley that went for miles and miles, woods scattered throughout. The ground and the sky were dark, mostly all I could see were the shapes and the dark green and black. The only movement was butterflies roaming freely.” – Joshua Scurfield

I think Joshua did a great job at transforming his dream into music, for you can literally hear the almost somber atmosphere he was walking through, but also the sense of tranquility and quietness, altered only by the movement of the butterflies’ wings. Joshua, having grown up listening to lots of 90s rock and shoegaze, also finds inspiration in that 90’s sound while mixing it up with the gravity of metal, so you can expect a very unique sound!

Shockpowder released their debut album The Final Thoughts of Gaia in 2019 and are currently releasing singles, expanding their sound and vision. They are inspired by the post metal scene but are anchored with dark, pensive vocals and hazy distortion. The music is inspired by the wistful, nostalgic sensations we feel when we think about eternity and mortality.


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