Samantha Knight – “Dreaming”

“My music is a piece of me, and every song I’ve written can be put together to create my life and how I see and interpret the world around me.”

Samantha Knight

The lovely New Yorker Samantha Knight wrote her debut single “Dreaming” just as she had fallen in love; and the pandemic was hitting the United States. The delicate ballad shows her wonderful talent for writing heartfelt lyrics that feel both extremely personal and universal. But it’s not a love song.

“It’s actually sad in a way because it is a wish. I’m wishing for this person to choose me after I had chosen them”, Samantha herself says about the song. It’s a simple yet powerful song, filled with so much longing and sentiment. The acoustic indie-folkness of it all, tied together with the lyrics, evoke the raw feeling of when something good is over, “I wish our circumstance was different, so we’d have a chance to be together forever” she sings toward the end.

Samantha Knight has been writing songs for a long time, for herself, inspired greatly by real life events and people that surround her daily life. Her approach to songwriting is a very passionate one and she does an amazing job in letting us all in, allowing us to have a little glimpse of what her life is like. She wears her heart on her sleeve, with something so dear and close to herself it’s completely understandable why she waited so long to start sharing her music with the world. This level of vulnerability can be scary to show. But we’re so happy that she’s decided to share, because her songs are just too good to be kept a secret.

Dreaming” IS OUT NOW!

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