Rebecca Sichon – “Together”

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Rebecca Sichon’s been teasing us with great singles and EPs since 2016. Her remarkable mix of soul, jazz and RnB has kept us all waiting for a full album and now it’s time: “Together”, her latest song, is the first taste of what to expect from her debut album. The song came together in a late-night improv session in the studio with her new partner and that’s exactly what this song is about. In “Together”, Sichon sounds incredibly vulnerable as she sings about accepting a new love that’s made its way into her life unnoticed and, at first, unwanted. We’ve all been there at one point or another. This is why “Together” sounds so powerful.


Newfound relationships can be hard, especially when you’re coming in with baggage from previous heartbreaks, and Sichon lays it all bare here. It’s not like she sounds unafraid; on the contrary. As she sings at the end of the chorus “Wait for me there at the bottom of the stairs and we’ll climb to the top together, I’m just a little scared”, we all get it. It doesn’t even take too much to relate to this song and this incredible emotion she pours out with a raspy, somewhat fearful voice. It’s about waiting until you feel ready, knowing that someone special is there with you every step of the way. It’s about the fear of letting yourself go once again, not sure what you’ll find but trusting it’ll be worth it.

“Together is a song I originally wrote during an emotional improv session. I sang about overcoming fear, paired with the necessary reflection of my honest emotions surrounding love.”

Rebecca Sichon

“Together” is most definitely a step up for Rebecca Sichon, both lyrically and sonically. She never sounded so honest and brave before, and the soulful production does this track outstanding. It’s the kind of song that leaves us both rooting for her and wishing the same could happen to us. With its hopeful tone, this is a song about overcoming fears and maybes, and surrendering yourself to what’s next. But this time with the full knowledge that you’re not alone in any of it.



“This song actually means so much to me as it was a turning point for my musical genre and my own expression.”

Rebecca Sichon

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