Signal Static new single “Objects of Affection”

This single delivers a nasty riff that sticks in your head. “Objects of Affection” by Signal Static is an Alt-Rock tune with a heavy impact that pushes back against the plague of relationship abuse, unabashedly calling out predators for what they are and uniting behind survivors to send a pointed message that needs to be heard and understood.



What’s going on everybody! It’s your friend, MadZen, and today we will get a little bit serious with a topic that is well known. Predators. Abusing their power to control and dominate! Brought to us by this pretty cool band from Victoria, Canada, this single erupts like a dormant volcano, ready to shed light over the dark. Let’s get to it!

Signal Static asks the question; what does it mean to be Human? And, more importantly, what does it mean to be a good Human?

Signal Static is an Alt Punk-Rock Band who draws inspiration from artists such as Chevelle, Tool, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, and Pendulum. This way they combine the grittiness of Hard Rock and Metal, with the digital textures of electronica to create an intensely fresh and emotionally compelling sound.

The track also comes with a music video that presents several kinds of natural predators, both reptiles and humans!


“Objects of Affection” is their brand-new single. A song with lots of energy, and a vibe that reminds us of Linking Park or even Static-X thanks to their high-gained distortions. This track was born after an uneasy incident in which the band found themselves in. Expressing both personal introspection and social commentary, Signal Static performs a wild tune that exposes the vile and the wicked.

We had signed on with a record label run by a well-known personality in the local music scene and things were going well until allegations began to surface about his behavior towards young women he had been “mentoring” who made the very brave decision to go public with their experiences of grooming, relationship abuse, and sexual exploitation while involved with him.” – Signal Static

After cutting ties with the label and specifically the person responsible, the guys heard about at least 20 different women who all had either had inappropriate experiences with this person or had been warned to stay away from him, and it had become a sort of open secret within their scene.

When all this happened, I really felt inspired to write something calling out people who abuse their positions of power to exploit the vulnerability of others, and more importantly to support the survivors of this kind of abuse. Unfortunately, it turns out there are a lot of them, and we all need to do a better job of educating each other, and ourselves, about this very serious problem.

– Signal Static


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