Colline “You Make Me Feel”

Feel like singing on top of the lungs how the person you care about the most makes you feel? Colline definitely does with her new single “You Make Me Feel“, a song full of loveful fluttery vibes. Start off the week with a burst of happy emotions!

Hailing from Amsterdam, Colline is a singer-songwriter with a shimmering voice perfect for her bright pop music. She has previously lived in South Korea for a while, and that together with her South American roots has seeped into her sound, making it quite vibrant, energy-filled and uplifting. Her explorations in pop sound are accompanied by her friend and sound engineer Martijn de Groot, also known as Still Sound.

The new single is an epitome of falling in love. Floating up in celestial heights with smooth round synth melodies and her equally love-spurred vocals, “You Make Me Feel” changes between soft and caressing verses to the blasting, rocking choruses singing with joy how this newfound love is making her feel. Lost in the pleasant haze of purplish pink and carried away by a million butterflies, this lively song feels infinitely young and positive with no end.

Colline is keen on spreading the message of joy about being alive, and, despite all hardships, to experience love and happiness found in small things.

“You Make Me Feel” is out


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