Still Sound – “Strike The Earth PTX 7”

This track is an epic metal cover from a modern retro videogame! Fast, explosive, and exciting, “Strike The Earth PTX 7” will make you wanna poke your enemies with a stick.

Hello everybody! Welcome back, it’s your boy MadZen and today we’ll be reviewing a very fun single that’s coming up real soon! But first, I hope you’re all doing well, healthy and ready for this new music Friday. Now, onto the track!

Let me introduce you to this brand new character! All the way from Amsterdam a new fighter appears, his name is Martijn de Groot, an Audio Engineer / Music Producer with a passion for music and retro videogames! He created Still Sound as his way to make Rock / Metal music covers of his favorite games’ soundtracks, both from the SNES and modern era!

His brand new single “Strike The Earth PTX 7” is a metal cover from the 2014 platform game Shovel Night, a very fun game to play that achieved a decent amount of popularity and warmed the hearts of children and adults alike thanks to its hours and hours of fun gameplay.

Martijn turned things up with a powerful selection of blasting drums, high-gained guitar riffs and epic synths. It contains all of the excitement of Shovel Knight’s soundtrack, but heavier! Everything is made and played by Martijn.

What game will Martijn cover next, we don’t know. But we do know we wanna hear much more from him, if you do too make sure to stay tuned! And of course, hit that PLAY button! That’s it guys, until the next time!

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