Luke Frees – “Most Of The Time”

This song is a theatrical experience of nostalgic music that takes us back to a land of memories and lost love. “Most Of The Time” hits hard in our emotions with a heavy dose of beautiful melancholy.


What’s going on everybody! Welcome back. It’s your melancholic lover, MadZen, and today we will prepare for the arrival of a new single that touches our hearts by exuding intense sentiment. Brought to us by an artist from USA, this track presents a minimalistic but powerful composition of guitar, vocals, and violins. Let’s cry together!

Lukes Frees is a singer-songwriter from Chicago, IL who started releasing music in 2017 with an EP called After The Rain. Since then, he’s released 3 full-length albums, and recently a string of singles. He finds inspiration in artists like Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave, David Bowie, Nina Simone, and even Angelo Badalamenti’s score for the Twin Peaks soundtrack. As Luke puts it:“You can’t have sentimental nostalgia without Twin Peaks“.

“Most Of The Time” is Luke’s new upcoming single which follows a string of monthly released songs, including B-Sides! For this track, and several others, Mr. Frees teamed up with violinist Corwin Zekley, a musician who has been present musically in most of his released tracks. The result is totally mesmerizing!

Most Of The Time is about the worst part of a breakup: when you realize all the memories, all the inside jokes, all the lights-out-in-bed conversations, are going to fade away over time. And it’s about how, in those first few months after a breakup, you try your hardest to NOT let them go, because you don’t want to see those memories disappear.” – Luke Frees

The song starts with a chilled atmosphere of acoustic tender chords, with violin and piano melodies adding depth and movement in the background. Luke’s vocals are sweet but heart-broken, reminiscing all the good moments he had with his loved one. Lyrics share the tale of a spiraling break-up, including all the downs and small ups that occur during the process.

As the song advances, the emotions become even more intense, with the violin building more and more until we are left with a burst of tragic melodies in a solo that blows us away with its passion. Definitely a sad song, but one that carries a lot of beauty within it, so you can expect to get them feels!

I started releasing music one single a month (including b-sides!), and a lot of these songs will be breakup-themed, which is a contrast from my 2021 album, Point Of You, which was about falling in love and starting a new chapter.” – Luke Frees

“This is first single in a string of singles I’ll be putting out at the end of every month, and the unifying concept tying it all together is that they’ll all have an a-side/b-side. So Most Of The Time is the a-side, and its b-side is called Trauma Bound, which is an ambient/instrumental experimental thing I put together using an FM radio plugged into a pedalboard.”

Luke Frees


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