Pullstring – “The Only Thing”

This is a bittersweet Indie Rock track that lingers with you as soon as it is over. “The Only Thing” tries to hold on to a love close to its termination, and it comes with a real pretty lyric video too.


What’s going on everybody! Welcome, welcome back. It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we will get romantic with this brand-new single brought to us by an up-and-coming Minneapolis-based band. A song that will tickle your senses, maybe even make you feel a little desperate, but ultimately, make you cherish that special someone. Let’s get to it.

Pullstring is an Alternative/Indie Rock band from Minneapolis created in late 2021. What started as a group of strangers in a studio quickly became the opening act for international touring alternative rock band, We Are Scientists, at the Entry. So far they’ve released a nice dose of music including an EP and a string of singles.

“The Only Thing” is the last single in their debut album which will arrive December 9th. A crunchy and lush track, with vibrant guitars, solid drums and a clean bass setting the foundation. A bit sad, a bit heart-warming. A plead for understanding, and a wish to grow. Yes folks, this one hit hard and without restrain.

When March 2020 rolled around, Alex’s life as he knew it was gone & the whole world literally changed in an instant, yet he still tried to hang on to his old life in both personal relationships & the pandemic.”

Far from being a love track, this song captures the emotions of anxiety and despair one feels when knowing their beloved partner is about to leave, unable to make amends. Acting almost as a last resort, the song makes a final effort to hold on, to share love and keep going. Sweet, desperate, noble. Without a doubt a great track and one which we can turn to when feeling blue.

A lot of our music is written by young adults who are trying to figure out their way through life and it really resonates with those in a similar position. There are so many paths in life and often times, we get burned out trying to walk down as many as we can even when we don’t want to. That said, we hope our paths will cross with anyone who resonates with our music. Cheers!” – Pullstring

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