Temme Scott “One Foot In”

When the person you love ceases to love you, there is hardly anything more undying than hope. Waiting full of hope that love comes back to you, despite all the hard evidence and hurt that it might be over instead, you’re figuratively speaking “One Foot In” their door.

That’s also the title of the new single coming from Temme Scott. The LA-based singer-songwriter has a knack for delicate songwriting with minimal production and folky sounds, all while being full of feelings. Vulnerability and honesty illustrate her lyric-writing as well as the way she sings. And this new song has it all, and more.

Damp and sorrowful, “One Foot In” is an aching ballad of love that’s starting to crumble away, and the vast amount of hope that is doing its best holding it all together. Poetic yet extremely open about all she feels, the lyrics sink right into your soul. Listening to her singing and being very close to broken voice and tears, does make me want to pull out a bottle and a glass to offer a comforting drink. Even though I have not gone through this sort of experience, the pain is all very clear. What is even clearer, is the reluctance of letting go of the person once so dear.

The single is part of Temme Scott’s new EP, which was written during a busy time. The artist was preparing to go to her US tour of backyard / living room shows, and she was also grieving. Usually she sits, processing the emotions for a while before turning them into songs, but this record was different, as it was done in a short period of time, capturing all that was happening to her right at that moment.

“One Foot In”

is out now


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