What Strange Beasts – “Cat’s Paw”

This track throws us into a deep space adventure where cosmic dragons and intergalactic mages rule. “Cat’s Paw” is an almost nerdy musical experience with fantasy-like melodies and a Prog-Rock attitude.


What’s up my dear friends! Welcome back to this humble blog. It’s your cosmic knight, MadZen, and today we will dive into the fantastic world (or is it worlds?) of this new track. Brought to us by a super fun Prog-Rock quartet, this single puts on its space-knight armor and moves forward to meet its destiny. Let’s get to it!

What Strange Beasts is a Prog Rock quartet that hales from Washington, USA, but have their sights set for deep space. Prog Rock at its finest with a high dose of cosmic feels. Inspired by bands like Pink Floyd, Marillion, Porcupine Tree, and Spock’s Beard, this band delivers an unparalleled sound filled with excitement and adventure.

“Cat’s Paw” is their most recent single release, preparing the arrival of their second album “Starlight’s Castaways”, a sequel to their immersive debut album “The Maestro’s Tale” which will come with no less than 26 tracks! This leading single is of epic proportions, getting us ready for a quest of ages, magical tales, ravaging battles, death, love, loss, and detachment.

That’s right folks, even though this track sounds as magical and fearless as it is, What Strange Beasts’ lyrics tackle deep subject matters, like science, philosophy and the human predicament with ample emotion and personal touch.

“We built this album around a space theme to reflect on feelings of distance, isolation, loss, introspection, and ultimately the relief of interpersonal connection. We wrote that which we felt while hunkered down in our own ‘space ships’ through the harrowing trials, and the few stolen moments of joy, of a global pandemic. As a lyric notes: “Every hour’s a gift: The signals, the noise, the sorrows and joys.” – WSB

The upcoming album, coming up February 23rd, is already available for pre-order, and you can get it right here:

“Cat’s Paws” is undeniably an outstanding track of mythical proportions. With its powerful guitar chords, thrilling drums, earth-shaking bass, and choir-like harmonies, you can rest assured that this quest is just beginning. So go ahead, pick up your light sword and


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