Roger Ricks’ “Lost” Track New Single is a non-profit organization whose focus is to reintegrate children off the streets back into their families or search out alternative options when reunification is not possible. Today’s artist Roger Ricks has made the pledge to donate any streaming proceeds from his latest single to this organization.

He is a solo multi-instrumentalist. His latest single is a track called, “Lost.” Released on December 9th, it marks the thirteenth single of his digital catalogue that dates back to 2018, and his debut single, “Feel Me.” Musically, the new single rings true with his brand of bluesy and guitar-oriented hard rock. However, aside from the charitable sentiment, there are a couple of other things about this single that makes it distinct from his prior releases.

First being that it is a joint effort with a new found collaborator and fellow solo artist, Emme Pierre. In fact, the original plan was to feature Pierre on the track but unfortunate circumstances surrounding her health prevented her from being on the track. Tragic news! Alas, the show must go on and despite it, a solid single featuring her lyrics was released. Secondly, it is the first track in which Ricks outsourced the drumming to a studio session musician. All the rest (vocals, guitar, bass, and keys) were performed and recorded by Roger Ricks as per usual.

In fact, even after deciding to move forward with Ricks doing the vocals on the track, there proved to be more challenges along the way in the form of the studio computer crashing at the point in the process where the final mix was going to be mastered. A file recovery from the SSD proved to be unsuccessful (totally a tragedy if you understand the gravity of that situation! Every DIY musician at this point is thinking “ughh. Bruh…”) Ricks is lighthearted about it now in retrospect, sharing a positive spin in that this final version that came by way of starting over from scratch actually turned out better than the original. However, the irony is not “lost” on me, that the song “Lost,” indeed has a digital “lost tape” somewhere in cyberspace!

Roger Ricks’ primary influences include Aerosmith and Eric Clapton. This is certainly evidenced by his stylish blues-lick-inspired type of guitar playing. You can hear a lot of Joe Perry in there, in my opinion. In terms of his overall artistic ethos, Roger Ricks projects a broader picture saying that beyond just wanting to make music, he wants to also make a difference. An important personal statement that he wants to express to his audience is that “there is this guy in Switzerland who wants to use his music for a good cause.” As far as the meaning of the track “Lost” specifically, it is about equalizing your desire for success without compromising your principles. Ricks states:

The song is about how many people will do anything to secure their own success and status. As an artist, you are often exposed to these forces of industry and the lure of success is often too blinding, so you can lose yourself in it.

Hear a mindful message, support an independent artist, and contribute to a good cause all at once. Not too shabby of a deal at all just for having the privilege of listening to music!

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