Alex Zethson “Room with a View”

Bring a cozy blanket and a cup of tea along with yourself and sit on your cozy couch or rocking chair. Before you is a large window with its glass separating the chilly wind from the comfortably warm interior you’re in. And through that same window, you have a wonderful overview of the surrounding nature. Whether it’s a bay, a mountain range or something else, is up to you to decide. Either way, welcome to the “Room with a View“!

This room also comes with its own soundtrack made by Alex Zethson. This Swedish creative is a keyboardist, who’s actively playing in many bands, including VÖ, Angles, and Tropiques. He’s also an avid collaborator, and speaking of collaborations, “Room with a View” is a song that was born from a collaboration between Alex and his guitarist and co-producer friend Anton Toorell.

Calming, chill and rather introspective, the new single features acoustic guitars played by Torrell, and the wordless singing of synth chords. Slow and sort of celebratory in the calmest way, the instrumental song paints a beautiful atmosphere, finding beauty even in the most mundane of things, and the grayest of weathers. It begins in a choral tone with long synth notes flowing through still yet vibrant soundscapes, before turning into emotionally uplifting twirls, a bit like soaring birds and a refreshing gust of wind. All is well and worries are gone in the “Room with a View”.

“I wrote ‘Room with a view’ back in 2010 or possibly 2011. I played guitar and the song had lyrics and I used to sing it with three friends of mine in some sort of canon. Never recorded it though, until summer 2020, when I tried it out in an instrumental version in my studio. We recorded bass, drums and Juno+Ms20 live and simultaneously, and then, in the mixing process, me and engineer/co-producer Anton Toorell decided to add two acoustic guitars and a very subtle slide guitar, played by Toorell himself. This took the song in a different and refreshing direction!”

Alex Zethson

¡Just intime for the quiet

peacetime season,

Room with a View

is out now!

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