Allee ft. Alfred Nomad “Tell Me What’s It Like Up There”

Questioning the meaning behind your existence and searching for the greater theme behind the daily survival is probably the required side of being a human. At least I’d like to imagine my cat never sat staring at the sunset, pondering her very existence. Us humans have no escape though. We see loved ones passing away, feel yourself fray as we age, as well as this awe-mixed fear of unknown aka death. Allee is also entirely human, she’s also an artist with a skill of putting all those thoughts into what has become a very captivating single.


The heavily reflective song, fittingly titled “Tell Me What’s It Like Up There” almost like a plea to hear the voice of a passed-on loved person again, came to be as a collaboration between Allee and a fellow musician Alfred Nomad. Understandably heavy with dread-tinted feelings, the song walks us through the shadowy side of existence – the nightmares, trying to survive through hardships and witnessing your loved ones leave to the other side, a place sometimes called the afterlife.

Alfred and I met in 2021 through a music tech incubator based in London and Los Angeles called “The Rattle”. We kept saying we were going to work together and finally made it happen with this song!


Spiced up with lots of minute elements and melodic runs, the heavy emotions are supported by the single’s incredibly dynamic atmosphere. What begins as a quiet ballad soon expands to include a smoothly running rap verse that deepens the feeling of despair even further. And then it explodes into a beautiful cascade of heavy drums, guitar shreds and distortion, only to end abruptly and playing a short recording of a “Happy Birthday” message to Allee.

I had started this song as part of my first EP based on life after death and the wake that our ancestors leave with us/on us. Alfred had incredible feedback and insight (and also related to the subject). I looooove the mesh of styles on this song. My cousin, Dr. Erin Futterer played French horn and I was lucky enough to have Dresage record the beautiful piano parts. 


Allee, the US-based singer-songwriter, producer and bassist, writes music of wild variety. While this single was full of pretty heavy feelings, her previous single was a shopaholic anthem called “Boots“, a celebration of Covid restrictions easing out, making shopping a possibility again.

“Tell Me What’s It Like Up There” is set to release on December 9th. It will also be part of Allee’s upcoming debut EP, which will be themed about the beauty and tragedy of being alive as well as dying.


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