Allee & Pom Poms – “Boots” ft Liv Slingerland

This track is an anthem for all you shopaholics out there. With a sassy attitude mixed with a Rock spirit, “Boots” will make you take out your credit card and treat yourself. LISTEN NOW!

Hi everybody! Welcome back, always a pleasure to greet you once again. It’s your boy MadZen and today we will be reviewing this brand new single by Los Angeles musicians Allee & Pom Poms. A single that’s all about shopping… and boots!

Allee is a producer / artist, and Pom Poms is a writer / artist. Both of these girls have had their music played all over TV and radio, and have played alongside artists such as Conan Gray, Mayer Hawthorne, Donna Missal and JP Saxe. They came together for the creation of this track and even invited a true guitar hero into the mix! Halsey’s guitarist, Liv Slingerland.

I started writing this song in the summer of 2021 as things were re-opening and also still burning down. I was in a mood to SHOP and I hit up my friend, PomPoms and was like “I think this track has a you vibe, what do you think???” – Allee

Allee and Pom Poms got together to create the arc for “Boots”. They soon realized that they wanted things to get crazy and wanted to add some shredding, chunkier guitars than in the demo. Enter Slingerland! I think the only thing cooler than her name is her ability with the axe. Right on!

The track is an uncommon mix of bulky 808’s (bass) and high-gained guitars, all over a tight bed of snappy drums creating a sick atmosphere for Allee’s and Pom Poms vocals to thrive on. Dynamic, a bit raw, and with lots of anthemic properties “Boots” turned out a pretty cool track dedicated to, well, vanity! And loving yourself, of course.

The song was originally part of a fractionalized NFT collection “State College” in collaboration with Metabyte Studio (London), Dresage, Conny Franko, and Emma Cole.

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