TONYC “Trauma”

Growing up, I thought trauma was just something that affected a smaller number of people through either injuries or abuse. But turns out it’s so much more widespread than that, and virtually everyone has something traumatic happened to them. This rather sobering finding has become the central piece for TONYC’s new single “Trauma“, which despite the serious tone finds hope in the matter.

Aptly titled and ready to bring the truth about trauma to a wider audience, “Trauma” is an energizing psytrance track. Shifting constantly under the stable driving beat, the song introduces lots of captivating elements spaced out skillfully to turn the listen into quite a journey. The tune also carries a healthy amount of samples from a documentary named “The Wisdom of Trauma”, and the snippets clarify all that trauma can manifest in, as well as the widespread nature it has.

What comes after realizing the truth is the path to healing. That I can hear in the vocal slices turned into synths, the delicate piano arps as well as the ever-so-shifting nature of the song. There’s no space for stagnancy here, instead, the song marches forward with a sound that’s immersive, colorful, and full of determination in bringing you a good time that reaches beyond just a pleasant evening. In fact, “Trauma” brings hope and the energy to recognize and heal from what has traumatized you.

“So I got inspired to make this song while I was on a 30.000 peeps 1 week Psy-Trance festival in Hungary called O.Z.O.R.A. It was amazing and I thought I want to make music like this. I am also fascinated by the topic of mental health and so I was watching this documentary about Trauma called ‘The Wisdom of Trauma’. I was already thinking that I might make a song with vocal bits from the documentary so while I was watching it I was noting if some parts would be good to use in a song. Later I recorded a lot of parts and started playing and selecting until ‘Trauma’ was created.”


TONYC is the alias for the German music producer Jake Benner, who’s creating music full of personality in his private studio in Freiburg. Jake found the inkling to start making music back in high school parties, where he often filled the DJ role. The vast and colorful universe of electronic dance music inspires TONYC’s output the most, and he creates music that ranges anywhere between trance and house all the way to drum&bass.

“Trauma” will be out on December 16th – make sure to pre-save the song now to hear this fresh psytrance tune before others!


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