Some Kind of Nightmare featured on DCxPC Live Vol. 9

One thing I love about writing for #LT1KF is all the exposure to new independent music, whether that’s in the form of getting the assignment to write about it or reading the other writers’ reviews. Believe it or not, I have been a reader of the blog before I got the chance to write for it. It’s always been a steady source of independent music/artist discovery. My Bandcamp Wishlist is always bursting at the britches! One of the long-standing outfits that have been part of the LT1KF family is the indie punk label, DCxPC. These guys embody the spirit of independence and DIY. Their ethos is tried and true. Their niche is rad. Yeah, I said it, I’m a 90s kid, rad. Rather than your conventional record label, DCxPC records live shows, distributes them, and cuts vinyl for them. They design their covers to pay homage to classic records that were produced back in the day: The Vindictives’ V.M.L. “live series” or in some textual references, “V.M. Live Presents…” As I was saying, DCxPC has been featured on #LT1KF lots of times and for a long while. Some of my favorite artists I’ve come across have been from this blog and their coverage of record label. Most recently, “Curtains/Swift Knuckle Solution,” “Ann Beretta,” “The Hamiltons,” and “Grave Return & The Hamiltons.” Their latest release, “Volume 9,” features the San Diego punk rock road-warriors Some Kind of Nightmare. The performance took place one year ago to the date, on December 08, 2021, at Lou’s LMGA in Orlando, FL. It is set to be released on December 9th (tomorrow as of the time I’m writing this). And if that wasn’t sweet enough, they sweetened the pot more by having a raffle for a copy of the album being paid homage to, “V.M.L. Volume 9 Presents Against All Authority” to everyone who pre-orders the record the first week after release! And if that isn’t inciting enough to grab one now, it is also a limited press at 150 copies, on red vinyl.

Pre-Order HERE

The label describes Some Kind of Nightmare as “touring machines,” as they spend at least half the year of every year over the last decade on the road. Their sound is raw, fast, and energetic. A live energy that transcends so well on record. The stage presence is felt on recording. You can almost feel the built-up tension of it being the first post-Covid performance the label had a chance to record since the onset of the pandemic. Some Kind of Nightmare’s lineup consists of Chy Mess on guitar/vox, Molly Mess on Bass/Vox, and Joshua Varichak on drums.

The first track, “We Take Form” has as powerful a message as the performance. It is about the Molly’s struggles with breast cancer. Molly powerfully declares, “She revealed the scars of survival. This goes out to any Cancer survivors!” to kick off the set. Specifically, the song is about dysmorphia, pain, and overcoming and accepting the scars of healing in order to survive. The second track is an ever-so Punk Rock personification called “Everything’s OK” for short, and full title “Everything’s OK the Police are Here.” That track calls back reminiscence to me the likes of MDC or Anti-Flag. Love it. Side B kicks off with the third track “Crow,” a driving punk rock song, Molly screams her ass off on this one, reminds me of Babes in Toyland. The fourth track closing out the EP is “Driven Red,” a furious and fast song, which has these great grunge-sounding sinister guitar licks between a fast strummed punk rock riff. The call and answer, back and forth, vocally between Chy and Molly hits your ears like left and right panning as they scream their alternating parts. But wait, there’s more! There’s also a bonus track, not on the vinyl, called “Bombs and Jobs,” which is a solid track making a big case for accessing and supporting the EP digitally as well once it drops.

Recording was mixed and mastered by Josh Dobbs at Danger Room Recordings

Cover and Label printing done by Imprint Indie Imprint

Vinyl pressed by VRP

Back Cover Photos by Roman Gamble (Trash Panda Art)

Cover Artwork by Jessica Hadas

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