The Hamiltons – “Comin’ Up”

Another special delivery by the Orlando-based Punk lords. “Comin’ Up” is a Punk / Rock N’ Roll track that moves forward like an industrial machine. Get ready for this bulldozer of a track by The Hamiltons. LISTEN NOW!

Yo, what’s up guys! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a great, great live track for all of you Punk maniacs. I’m talking about greasy, fuzzy, heavily distorted music with a Rock attitude that will get you pumped up throughout the day. I’m serious guys, this single is a true igniter. So gather round and welcome back!

This single is another exclusive from The Hamilton’s split 7″ with Grave Return. The EP, of course recorded and released by our good friends at DCxPC is selling like hot bread and each single release has garnered excellent press and significant air play. So if you haven’t got your copy yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Go to their Bandcamp NOW!

“Comin’ Up” is a mean machine walking straight forward like an unstoppable beast. Big ass feet, heavy arms, and tons of metal in its belly. A mammoth of a track that finds no opposition, blasting its way through with a decisive stare.

You will hear chunky guitar riffs, steady / hard-hitting drums, gnarly bass lines, and heavily chanting vocals with an exciting grit to them. You will find yourself in the path of this monstrous rhinoceros and its wailing guitar screams. The perfect dose of chaos and order, a brutal extension of Satan himself! So go ahead and LISTEN NOW!

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