Curtains / Swift Knuckle Solution – “DCxPC Live Vol. 7 Presents Curtains & Swift Knuckle Solution Live at The Danger Room”

Another 7″ release from one of our favorite labels is arriving pretty soon. Two amazing Punk bands joined together in a single EP filled with ravaging tracks, sweaty riffs, and neck-breaking beats.


What’s going on boys and girls, welcome back! It is your sk8ter boy (not really), MadZen and today I’m pleased to inform you that a NEW 7″ from our good friends at DCxPC will be available for pre-order at their Bandcamp. Curtains and Swift Knuckle Solution, together in a full-on blasting Punk experience!

Just like their previous 7″ releases Call in Dead/2AMature and Grave Return/The Hamiltons, DCxPC is presenting another back-to-back Punk show sure to please any fans of the genre. These two amazing bands carry a strong, heavy sound, and deliver exhilarating fast-paced music.

In side A we have Curtains, bringing that melodic skate punk with a touch of alternative melodies. Their songs “Scattered” and “Downturn” seem taken out of a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game! A perfect opener of the night, finishing their set with “Smoke Alarm”, a rampage of a track that takes no names, no prisoners. Pure Hardcore Punk for the masses.

Curtains has former members of Warp Tour favorites, Shyster, in the band.

In side B we have Swift Knuckle Solution, a brutally fast and heavy Punk band with a little bit more grit and grime. Opening their set with “Take The Ride”, SKS sure know how to ignite the crowd. “Bonham and Moon” is (maybe) an ode to two of the most legendary drummers of all time. It’s filled with amazing drums and chaotic riffs!

We close the EP with “Dead Palms” yet another devastating track that destroys the senses and makes the crowd transpire like a MOFO. Aggressive, melodic, and raw, the track ends the night in a high note that leaves nothing unsaid. Ears are ringing, hearts are pounding. What a blast, two amazing bands in a single EP.


The 7″ will be available the 4th of November.

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