2AMature – DCxPC Live Volume 1 Presents: Call in Dead and 2AMature Live at the Danger Room in Orlando, FL

We’re glad to announce that Orlando, United States-based alternative punk rock band 2AMature have released a split 7″ with fellow Orlando-based hardcore punk rockers Call in Dead, entitled DCxPC Live Volume 1 Presents: Call in Dead and 2AMature Live at the Danger Room in Orlando, FL.

Having been compared to PUP, Dinosaur Jr., and Husker Du while sounding like none of these artists, 2AMature was formed in 2019 by vocalist/guitarist Geomar Berube, backing vocalist/bassist Julio Andrade, and backing vocalist/drummer Yanmark Berube. They released their debut single, “Lifeguarding Elephant,” in 2020; and their recent split 7″ with Call in Dead was released in April of 2021, as the first release by the DCxPC Live record label. The 7″ is currently almost sold out, and tomorrow (February 11th) they will be releasing their full digital album on Spotify and other streaming services; so for the first time, fans will be able to listen to the entire album from start to finish. 

The story behind 2AMature’s livestream concert with Call in Dead began when shows had started being shut down on March 13th, 2020. By early May 2020, Call in Dead were eager to play a concert again; and at the same time, the booking agency/record label DCxPC Live wanted to put on a show. As their friend Rick Burick from Geared 4 Productions was putting on livestreams via Facebook at the time, DCxPC Live asked him to help them put one together; and wanting to include another band in the show, DCxPC Live asked their allies 430 Steps (who had their own studio) to play at the show. However, due to scheduling conflicts a few days before the event, it turned out that neither 430 Steps nor their studio were available for the livestream after all.

Fortunately, Mr. P from DCxPC Live was able to reach out to Josh @ Danger Room Recording Services (knowing that Josh has done a lot of the local hardcore and punk band recordings, and had just done a livestream). Josh agreed to let DCxPC Live use his recording space, as well as to do sound for the livestream and record the audio. And since 430 Steps weren’t available for the show, DCxPC Live contacted 2AMature, who were eager to get back on stage after their show with Blitzkid was canceled; two members of 2AMature are also brothers whom Mr. P taught, one in 5th grade and the other in 9th and 10th grade. In the end, the show turned out to be a great success; and once Mr. P and Mike from DCxPC Live heard the live tracks, they knew they wanted to release them on vinyl—marking the beginning of DCxPC Live going from just booking shows to booking shows and also putting out vinyl of the live performances.

The songs on 2AMature’s DCxPC Live split 7” with Call in Dead were based on teenage angst and having to transition from childhood to adulthood. The lyrics come from poems that were written by a band member in high school as a release for the amount of stress that he had to go through on his own as a young adult transitioning to adulthood. One such song is “Daylight Debt,” which was inspired by a band member working as an usher at a movie theater until 2 a.m. on most days, and having to get up early for school the next day, feeling as if he couldn’t enjoy the sun (the lyrics were written on a small cardboard notebook that he kept while working at the theater); while “Water Socks” was written because a girl that he talked to in high school kept leading him on, and he eventually felt used. “Ouija Board” was written because of a love for Halloween, family, and friends; and because of learning that sometimes plans don’t go the way you want them to and that that’s OK. 

I continue to write songs for our band and it really is a pleasure to work with my friends as I do. There is nothing I am more proud of than the progress we made and will make as a band and as homies. Our plan is to simply get more advanced with our instruments and enjoy the process as we go,” one of the band members from 2AMature says.

2AMature’s first track on the split 7” is “Water Socks,” a hard-edged punk rock track featuring a catchy electric guitar chord progression and vocal melodies that create an upbeat mood. The track’s lively energy is further sustained by the punchy rhythms of the bass and drums, as well as later by a dynamic guitar solo. Next is “Ouija Board,” which is introduced by steady hi-hats and cymbals along with a heavy distorted guitar riff, which soon morphs into a driving chord progression before the track’s powerful vocals join in. Towards the end of the song, an instrumental breakdown highlights the resonant tone of the bass, before the drums return for a wonderfully frenetic guitar solo. Concluding 2AMature’s set on the 7” release is “Daylight Debt,” which features aggressive, shouted vocals that nicely accompany the compelling sense of urgency established by the tracks’ brisk tempo and the growling distortion of the guitar and bass.

2AMature’s set at the Danger Room on DCxPC Live Volume 1 not only showcases the band’s penchant for compelling and captivating live performances but also highlights their versatility– as the three tracks while remaining firmly rooted in the band’s punk rock sound, all have a distinctly unique character. From 2AMature’s personal, inspired lyrics to their accomplished songwriting and musicianship, DCxPC Live Volume 1 has surely established the group as an exciting and highly talented up-and-coming band.

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