WOL “Friend That Never Was”

“The track was written very quickly after a fleeting encounter with a person who somehow felt strongly like a kindred spirit from another life. We never met again – and never will – but it made me think of all the people out there that might have been friends or lovers, or just of a like-mind, but who you’ll never encounter. Ships that pass in the night and all that stuff.” WOL

Pleeay “Call”

“Call,” illustrates the journey to find one’s true self in a world that profits off of people’s insecurities. The track speaks from the perspective of the outsider, the weirdo, the atypical, to remind us all that when we make changes to satisfy society, we sacrifice our true selves.

Avaraj “World so Cold”

“I started writing to help process my emotions, and eventually turned many of those writings into songs. Before I started writing music, I listened to music to find songs I could relate to, so music has always been a big part of my life. I want my music to help people process what they’re going through and grow from it in a healthy way.” Avaraj

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