Patient Lounge “Hard Truth”

“Hard Truth,” portrays a conversation with a younger version of yourself, telling them not to give up on their dreams—a statement that many listeners will surely relate to. “We have to many friends who have given up on their dreams early and work jobs they fucking hate. This song is telling our inner child not to give up and not to follow in the footsteps of our mates that are miserable 5 days a week,” says  Zach Eather (vocals).

Mike Stoyanov “Everything You Ever Wanted”

“The story behind the song is about chasing your dreams and never giving up on them because the only way not to realise a dream is to abandon it. And yes sometimes it's hard and you want to give up but if you really love something if this is really everything you ever wanted you keep going man and never give up.” Mike Stoyanov

ZADAR “Halos On The Moon”

“Halos On The Moon” is introduced by brightly echoing notes from an effects-laden guitar, bringing about a melancholic, dreamlike atmosphere from its outset. Isa Nielson’s hypnotic vocal melodies soon join in along with steady post-punk-inspired rhythms from the bass and drum machine, adding quite well to the track’s somber chord progression.

Fendahlene “Get Over It” (Kevin Shirley mix)

The initial idea for this track came from a lyricist we have worked with from time to time over the years, Clare Catt. She sent us a story which knocked our socks off, it felt right in line with the themes of the album we were then planning to record, the album that would become High and Low and Back Again. Ashley Hurts / Fendahlene

To Hell With Tradition – Blurred

“For as long as I can remember, there has been this universal force about certain music coming, for example, from the speakers of my parents‘ yellow, old BMW whenever we took a ride and listened to random mixtapes. A force that – if only for a moment, for the duration of a couple of bars – made me feel a soothing oneness with the entire universe and yet a bittersweet ancient longing born out of the knowledge about the general volatileness of this sensation,” Achim Hofmeyer AKA THWT

The Starkillers “Are You Thinking of Me”

“When we started writing the album, we saw a pattern begin to form with our songs, and decided to go with it. The album goes through the cycle of a toxic relationship, and all of the stages you'd find yourself going through. We almost didn't include the single Are You Thinking of Me on the album because of how early we wrote it. But then realized how important it was to the central theme and how well it built onto the other songs. This single is really about someone in a relationship, coming to the realization that it isn't what they want or need it to be. That the relationship is one sided and might always be if they stay with that person.”  The Starkillers

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