Great Value Jesus “Blush / Gen Z the Great Society”

“On the surface Blush is a song about love, once dug a little deeper it is about novelty love. This song echoes the pressures of what our society dictates what the narrative of love is. Through melodic hooks and vivid metaphors, Blush tells the chaotic story of Hallmark love. I'd call it a reflection of the plastic love our society indulges in. Gen Z the Great Society is about the zeitgeist that is generation z.

Seven Days Rest “Traitor”

“Traitor, in its core is a visceral song about being betrayed. The beautiful thing about it, is that it can be applied to any situation that involves some form of betrayal. The birth of the song came from when almost every member of the band went through one or more forms of betrayal in the span of like a week. And from the pain and frustration came the idea of traitor. We had been really working towards trying to reinvent our sound as a band, and this was the perfect moment. So we took the song and ran with it. Trying to put as much emotion as we could into it.” Seven Days Rest

Parallel – Parallel (Original EP)

Parallel’s self-titled EP is quite an impressive debut release, and a compellingly engaging listen throughout; at the same time that the songs on the EP convey the wistful feelings of isolation that listeners will surely relate to, their powerfully dreamy atmospheres also bring about a relaxing sense of tranquility. Highly recommended. 

Lost Like Lions “Medicate” (feat. AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer)

“‘Medicate’ is a song about being young, making mistakes, and embracing them. It's definitely a song of nostalgia, and the days of your only worry in the world being ‘What friend group am I hanging out with tonight? And what will I be drinking for the night?’”. Lost Like Lions

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