ZADAR “Halos On The Moon”

We’re glad to announce that Philadelphia, United States-based solo artist ZADAR has released a new single, entitled “Halos On The Moon.”

ZADAR is a solo project founded by Antonio G, who writes and performs dark guitar-based music. Inspired by artists such as the Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Anything Box, New Order, Glynn McCann, Drab Majesty, and Interpol, ZADAR regularly features recurring collaborators—such as Isa Nielsen on vocals, James Sinclair-Stott on mixing/production, and Mirko Dellamonic on cover art. Antonio G is responsible for all vocals (except for on the newest single “Halos On The Moon”), as well as for guitar, bass, drum machine, lyrics, and songwriting. 

Antonio G has been active professionally since January of 2020, and has garnered numerous positive reviews, press articles, interviews, playlist additions, and radio/podcast plays since he started his band ZADAR less than two years ago. So far, he’s released five excellent singles, “Alien Being – Single Version,” “The Upstairs Room,” “Crimson Pain,” “Julie” (our review here) and “Halos On The Moon,” which are all receiving regular airplay on Jango online radio. Antonio is also currently looking to recruit like-minded musicians to his band in order to help bring the songs on ZADAR’s upcoming debut LP to life through live performances.

ZADAR’s latest single, “Halos On The Moon,” features vocals from the band’s newest collaborator, Isa Nielsen: a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter who has played on MTV specials, the MTV VMB Awards, as well as at festivals—including opening the Best of Blues Festival for Tom Morello’s headliner (Rage Against The Machine) and John 5 (Marilyn Manson / Rob Zombie). “Halos On The Moon” was written and recorded by Antonio G, who also played guitar, bass, and drum machine for the track; and the track was mixed and produced by James Sinclair-Stott, with artwork by Mirko Dellamonic.

According to Antonio G, “Halos On The Moon” was the most difficult single for him to complete thus far, having taken four months to finish (there’s also an alternate version with vocals provided by regular vocalist Antonio G, but he didn’t like the result—which is where Isa Nielsen came in).  A song about regret and loss, “Halos On The Moon” is about somehow coming to terms with your failure and past mistakes, and still moving on with your life.

“Halos On The Moon” is introduced by brightly echoing notes from an effects-laden guitar, bringing about a melancholic, dreamlike atmosphere from its outset. Isa Nielson’s hypnotic vocal melodies soon join in along with steady post-punk-inspired rhythms from the bass and drum machine, adding quite well to the track’s somber chord progression. “Halos On The Moon” later explores variations on the guitar motif from its intro, which repeats throughout the song to perpetuate an icy, trance-inducing effect; while towards the end of the track, dual guitar melodies interweave amongst each other to create a captivating and dark tapestry of sound.

“Halos On The Moon” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting ZADAR’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of post-punk, dark wave, and alternative rock alike.

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    1. Absolutely is that kind of vibe. Enjoyable for sure and I love that Antonio is trying to join a band, the addition of Isa is a great call, she brings a whole new sound to the band.

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