This Philly artist pulls inspiration from Goth Rock and Post-Punk legends to create his own brand of dark, guitar-based music. In his new single “Julie”, Zadar sings about a long-distance love that just couldn’t be. LISTEN NOW!

Alright my friends, it’s your boy MadZen and today we’ll be reviewing a new single brought to us by this Philadelphia musician. Active since 2020 and with a couple of releases out on platforms, Zadar is a solo project that channels all of that melancholic, obscure, and industrial flavors of Gothic Rock to create an original concoction of Post-Punk melodies.

I’m talking about inspiration from bands like The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Anything Box, and New Order; and even more modern influences like Interpol. Mixing the classic with the actual, Zadar uses all of these tools and blends them with his unique style.

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‘Julie’ is a guitar-based track about a girl Zadar had strong feelings for. Despite the fact they both lived in different countries, Zadar was sure they would always be together but, as always, life got in the way. Unfortunately this love couldn’t be, but at least we are left with Zadar’s musical expression.

Slapping vocals, steady drums, “garage-y” riffs; all that you need to create a tight Post-Punk tune is in there. Lyrics, of course, are romantic, exposing the care that both individuals had for each other. Simple, raw, and honest, ‘Julie’ was written and demoed in about an hour and later mixed by James Sinclair-Stott. Artwork by Mirko Dellamonic.

“I contemplated for a while whether I should even release this song at all because of the bittersweet feelings it now triggers but it felt like a shame to sit on it as I’ve always liked how the music turned out.” – Zadar

Cindi Landmesser Photography

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