Soda Cracker Jesus “Kaleidoscope”

“I was told its Lennon-meets-Bowie-meets-Peter Gabriel in a dark… Not sure about that, but it feels good. My dad and I had a complicated relationship and before he passed we were good. This song is about the emotions and feelings that come with that. I think anyone at any age can relate to dealing with loss. I don’t usually bare my soul but this is as close as it comes.” Regan Lane SCJ

Anji Kaizen “Monster”

“This song is our most intense song to date. I wrote it after being assaulted by one of our mutual friends and having to process that experience. It’s about recognizing that we all have our own inner monsters that we have to battle, and deciding if we’re going to cave, or be brave enough to stand up and face them. No matter how scary or difficult it might be… We all have that choice to decide what kind of person we want to become.” Anji Kaizen

The Longest Hall – One Short Ride

“Most of these songs came together over the course of the pandemic, but the first single, Out of Nowhere, was written, recorded, and released in early 2020. Originally, we only planned to do a single with Gus, but we had such an amazing experience working with him that we decided to push out as many songs as we could together over the next few months. One Short Ride was the result. TLH

Rihards Libietis – Līnijas un Miniatūras // Lines and Miniatures

“‘Lines and Miniatures’ is a very personal and subtle album, delving deep in the emotions, experiences and feelings of loneliness, isolation and uncertainty. I think it’s very relevant to the current events of the world – to do the best we can to not get overwhelmed in the background noise and continue somewhat defiantly striving towards the light, the growth of our personalities,” Rihards Libietis

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