The_Meskimo “The Brothers McKenna Drop Out”

We’re glad to announce that United States-based solo artist The_Meskimo has released a new single, entitled “The Brothers McKenna Drop Out.”

Having started producing music in December of 2020, The_Meskimo has since released 39 songs in 16 months, including the singles “Come Underneath My Covers” featuring guitarist Fernando Paul (our review here) and “…The Stars Would Explode” featuring vocalist/lyricist Howe (our review here). You can listen to his full catalog on SoundCloud.

The_Meskimo is responsible for all audible frequencies in his music, drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists such as Little Feat, Pink Floyd, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Queens of the Stone Age, and Alt-J to name a few; and he’s also been featured in a podcast interview for The Buzzroll Media.

Now The_Meskimo has returned with a new single; recorded at The_Meskimo’s home studio, “The Brothers McKenna Drop Out” is a tribute to Terence and Dennis McKenna and their contributions to the psychedelic community, as well as to the medical studies of the benefits of psychedelics in treating numerous mental health issues. 

This new song emulates the passion and energy of Terence’s lectures—the way he captivated you with animated speech while opening doors to new thoughts and ways to perceive the world: a psychophony. Even though Terence has passed, The_Meskimo composed this track such that listeners will feel as though Terence is speaking to you through it. And for those who partake in the consumption of psychedelics, this song can be listened to while in the early stages, but is highly recommended to be heard at the “peak.” 

In keeping with the psychedelic theme explored in “The Brothers McKenna Drop Out,” The_Meskimo incorporated elements of classic psychedelic rock from the likes of Pink Floyd, while also adding a fresh and new feel to the track; The_Meskmo grew up listening to the psychedelic bands that his dad was fond of, and he continues to be a fan of the many different bands that are currently creating music in this wonderful genre. 

Creating “The Brothers McKenna Drop Out” came together easily for The_Meskimo, as though he was guided through the process; the drums, bass, two synths and some faint guitar alone have created an expansive sound that feels larger than just those instruments.

About the inspiration behind “The Brothers McKenna Drop Out,” The_Meskimo tells us:

I enjoy listening to Terence McKenna’s lectures and also appreciate what his brother, Dennis, is doing to bring awareness to the medical benefits of psychedelics.

I also have a deep love for psychedelic music. From classic bands like Pink Floyd and Spirit, to QOTSA, Brian Jonestown Massacre. The Mars Volta….I could go on for awhile lol. So this song is meant to emulate a lecture from Terence, a psychophony, so I chose some fitting music to do that.”

He adds, “I’ve got some projects with other artists in the works. Very excited for all of those. I plan on releasing throughout the rest of the year while continuing to create. That never ceases actually.

“The Brothers McKenna Drop Out” takes listeners on a wonderful instrumental trip, immediately establishing an uplifting and inspiring melodic electric guitar progression filtered through some cool reverberating effects, which almost bring to mind the sound of a sitar. These guitar melodies are lifted by a dynamic mid-tempo groove set by resonant bass notes and powerful drums; while retro-sounding synth leads soon intertwine creatively with the guitar progression—their buzzing, warbling, and shimmering melodies later converging into a captivating, extended dual synth solo that brings to mind classic ‘70s psychedelic artists like Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, at the same time that they bring an impressively original sound to the track.

“The Brothers McKenna Drop Out” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting The_Meskimo’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of psychedelic rock.

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