Seven Days Rest “Traitor”

We’re glad to announce that Albuquerque, New Mexico-based alternative metal band Seven Days Rest have released a single last year, entitled “Traitor” that would be part of their upcoming album, read more.

Formed in late 2015, Seven Days Rest combine the down-tuned heavy guitar sound of mid-2000’s alt-metal with the darkly aggressive songwriting of modern post-hardcore/metalcore. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Trivium, Breaking Benjamin, Slipknot, Nothing More, Three Days Grace, A Day to Remember, Our Last Night, and Jinjer, the band is comprised of Shay Raelynn (vocals), Aris Zaffer (guitar), Julian Gunther (bass), and Justyn Rippie (drums). 

Seven Days Rest’s second full length album is expected to release later this year as mentioned before, and they have so far released two excellent singles from this upcoming album, including “Traitor.” This track brings together influences from across the rock, metal, and alternative spectrum into a sound that is catchy and cathartic. Written in the depths of the COVID-19 Pandemic, “Traitor” is full of rage and frustration!

Describing the inspiration and meaning behind “Traitor,” Seven Days Rest tell us:

Traitor, in its core is a visceral song about being betrayed. The beautiful thing about it, is that it can be applied to any situation that involves some form of betrayal. The birth of the song came from when almost every member of the band went through one or more forms of betrayal in the span of like a week. And from the pain and frustration came the idea of traitor. We had been really working towards trying to reinvent our sound as a band, and this was the perfect moment. So we took the song and ran with it. Trying to put as much emotion as we could into it.

For first-time listeners, the band says:

We are striving to create music that not only serves as therapy for us but also helps others. Our main goal is to create music to let people know ‘you are not alone.’ We also try to create music that is commercial, but also pushes boundaries. Heavy but also accessible to everyone.

We’re still fairly new so there’s LOTS of good, and new things coming soon!

A dynamic electric guitar riff introduces “Traitor,” its down-tuned aggressive sound underscored by equally dynamic and powerful rhythms from the drums and bass. As the first verse begins, the vocals from Shay Raelynn add a perfect melodic counterpoint to the guitar, while conveying a sensation of frustration that is relatable to listeners who have also experienced betrayal in their lives. Growled vocals during the following bridge build further on the aggressive theme of the track and connote a sense of rage, while the ensuing chorus is highlighted by catchy vocal melodies and prog-metal-like electric guitar leads.

The sensation of rage from betrayal builds throughout the next verse, as the lyrics are intensified with growled backing vocals; while following the next chorus is perhaps the most intense section of the track, bringing to mind the extremely heavy sound of the ‘00s alt-metal scene. A compelling guitar solo then sums up the intensity of emotion conveyed up until this point, its evocative melodies bringing an accordingly visceral energy to the track as it continues throughout the track’s impressive concluding chorus.

“Traitor” is quite an enjoyable listen, showcasing Seven Days Rest’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative metal and post-hardcore/metalcore alike.

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