CRISPR Kid “Blitzkrieg”

“The track is first of 3 singles from our new LP ‘Down with the Kid’ due out in March 2022. Recorded under lockdown in Ireland at Darklands Studios with Dan Doherty (engineer of Fontanes DC earlier records). The track is about renewal – that we all suspect we might have more in the tank to better ourselves. We try to keep it upbeat!” CRISPR Kid


“This is an exciting period; we’ve loved being able to release the first six singles on our own terms which has given us the opportunity to reach as many people as possible. There is a buzz to get back into the studio with our new ideas and NEW MUSIC, that we hope will push the band’s sound further than ever before,” CATALYSTS

The Miller Test “No Venus Moves”

Landing somewhere between the 80s pop-soul of When Doves Cry/Billie Jean and the morose mumble-lyricism of later Leonard Cohen, all hooked together with two rounds of Stonesy doo-doo-doos, “No Venus Moves” could be the theme song for a millenarian cult, blending troublingly bleak observations with moments of pulsating pop exhilaration.

Voodoo Bloo “Skin”

“This song really drives home a new era for our music, taking on a more sonically diverse and ever changing track, seamlessly flowing from dynamic lows and highs, which makes sense due to the nature of the song. It’s about an out of body experience, looking in on yourself and shedding your own ‘skin,'” Rory says.

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