Flemish in the North “Snow Crocs”

“Snow Crocs,” is a catchy indie rock tune, whose name was inspired by an idea that Everett jokingly came up with while he and Chris were hiking in the trails of Calais, Vermont. Everett pondered about there being some offshoot breed of crocodiles that lived and survived in the snowy trails of the Northeast; it'd be particularly frightening as they'd be burrowed in the snow, awaiting their chance to attack hikers along the trail. And thus, when they started toying with the catchy riff that the song is based around, "Snow Crocs" was born!

To Hell With Tradition “The Baton”

“What I would like first time listeners to know is that there is indeed a sweet spot between mainstream and indie, that I - along with many other artists - cover with my music. Profound and deep lyrics, yet wrapped in captivating tunes. Too unconventional to be mainstream, yet too catchy to be indie.” Achim Hofmeyer AKA To Hell With Tradition

Izamanya – Next

We’re glad to announce that Luzern, Switzerland-based rock band Izamanya have released a new EP, entitled Next.  Izamanya is fronted by Iza Loosli, the lead singer whose expressive female voice gives the band a distinctive sound. Iza has also been the lead singer, songwriter, and producer in different bands as well, including other rock and... Continue Reading →

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