Agenda 109 “Off Limits”

We’re glad to announce that Guatemala City, Guatemala-based solo project Agenda 109 has released a great single, entitled “Off Limits.”

Agenda 109 is the music project of Peter Bröms, who is from Sweden and now lives in Central America. A multi-instrumentalist, Peter began performing music in the late ‘80s, playing in a few bands with his friends. He then started this one-man band since he began moving quite a bit, now residing in Guatemala. Peter has been enjoying living in a warmer climate, which has had a positive impact on his musical output along with Guatemala’s great opportunities for diving into music production.

Initially inspired by Black Sabbath, Peter then delved deeper into rock and punk music by listening to artists such as Rage Against the Machine, Rancid, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Green Day, Entombed, and Biohazard among others, influencing his own music as Agenda 109.

Agenda 109’s single “Off Limits” is from the album Frustrated. It’s an angry rock song leaning towards punk in its attitude, and is about unattainable love—but not necessarily about unrequited love. “Let the music eat up your negative energy!” Peter says about the single.

Frustrated was previously released under the band name Agenda Ambiente. However, as Peter’s previous digital distribution service had closed down services to their current customers, he’s re-releasing the album with new cover art and a new song order, but with the same content—this time by Agenda 109. The single “Off Limits” was self-recorded and produced in Peter’s home studio in Guatemala.

“Off Limits” is introduced by thundering percussion rhythms, which underscore the song’s edgy, punk-inspired distorted guitar progression and creative lyrical passages that soon begin. During the second verse, deep bass notes combine perfectly with louder distorted guitar, elevating the sense of tension while engaging the listener with a compellingly restless atmosphere. Throughout the track’s captivating verses and choruses, the distorted guitar and vocals share the same melodies, reinforcing each other as they build on the song’s aggressive mood.

“Off Limits” is quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting Agenda 109’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative rock and punk alike.

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