To Hell With Tradition “The Baton”

We’re glad to announce that Heidelberg, Germany-based solo project To Hell With Tradition has released a new single, entitled “The Baton.”

To Hell With Tradition is an independent music project founded in 2019 by singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and music producer Achim Hofmeyer. For a long time, Achim Hofmeyer lived a life solely dictated by external expectations, until eventually—inspired by this existential conflict—his neglected creative nature returned, and the idea of a solo project evolved from a subtle urge into a fully-fledged basic need.

Achim’s solo project, To Hell With Tradition, goes against the increasingly common trend in the music industry of simply releasing a string of singles one after the other, and instead focuses on steadily creating concept albums with coherent themes. 

After releasing a self-titled debut album in 2020, To Hell With Tradition then released a second concept album in 2021, entitled Stitches. The newest release, “The Baton,” is the second single from To Hell With Tradition’s upcoming third album, Blurred (to be released on August 26th, 2022), and follows the lead single released last month, “Paper Cuts.” 

Describing the meaning behind “The Baton,” Achim tells us, “The backstory for this one is of course linked to the concept of the overall album, which is basically a dialogue between two different planes of consciousness or self, if you will, where the perspective changes back and forth with each song. The Baton is based on the epiphany that there is no external circumstance, force or being to blame or thank for our individual experience of reality, but that we have the power of shaping our experience within ourselves.

What I would like first time listeners to know is that there is indeed a sweet spot between mainstream and indie, that I – along with many other artists – cover with my music. Profound and deep lyrics, yet wrapped in captivating tunes. Too unconventional to be mainstream, yet too catchy to be indie.

To Hell With Tradion

“The Baton” is also accompanied by a great music video, which you can watch here:

“The Baton” begins with steady bass synth rhythms, which bring a somber and darkly introspective atmosphere to the track from its outset. Sustained electric keyboard notes soon join in, adding to the song’s melancholic mood along with Achim’s compelling vocals, as subtle percussion intertwines with the bass synth rhythms. The drums then become bolder as the next verse begins, nicely underscoring the song’s poetic lyrics and building the perfect sense of tension as the track leads into its moving chorus. A cathartic turning point in the track, the chorus is highlighted by bright synth notes that harmonize wonderfully with Achim’s poignant vocal melodies and poetic lyrics; while towards the track’s conclusion, an entrancing instrumental section led by interlocking keyboard melodies then brings the listener into the evocative final chorus in resolution. 

“The Baton” is quite an enjoyable listen, reflecting To Hell With Tradition’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie- and alternative rock alike.

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